Buying a BJJ GI- What Your Need to Know?

6 mins read

Physical and mental fitness is really necessary for every single individual and if you want to gain fitness and health then nothing is better than practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu is basically a sport of Brazil but nowadays it’s become popular in every single country in the world. It’s also become famous in the USA after it was introduced in the Olympics. But when it was introduced in the USA there were little outfits who offers BJJ GI which is the outfit of this sport, and this becomes quite difficult to get one in the USA.

However, with the increase in popularity and after seeing so much people involved in this sport, more and more outlets have opened and offered different kinds of GIS.

But with the opening of more and more outlets, people have offered ease of access, while on the other hands it’s become difficult for people especially newbie who don’t have much knowledge about this GIS to find best among vast varieties.

A perfect uniform or gi is important for this sport because it not only gives you the proper look but also boost your confidence as well. So owning a perfect and comfortable gi is very essential. Alike gym outfits and joggers, bjj gis are a way more different thing because you can wear anything you want when you are going for a workout, but with BJJ gis you have to wear a perfect and comfortable one so that you can easily choke your opponent or can easily perform some master tactics.

Finding a perfect BJJ gi for you is not a hard task at all only if you follow all these factors. In this article, we will mainly discuss some important factors that you should consider while choosing a gi for you.

The very first thing which you should check while buying a BJJ gi is which weave type is best for you or which weave type you need to purchase. Although there are only three types of weaves you have to choose wisely depending on your choice.

  • Single Weave:

If you are a newbie and just going to start your bjj training, then single weave gi is perfect for you. Obviously, there are some reasons behind that. The number one reason is that, this gi is light and inexpensive, other than that single weave gi is way more comfortable and helps you to perform simple as well as hard movements. Moreover, single weave GIs are thinner, which makes it hard for your opponent to grab you.

  • Double Weave:

As we talked earlier that single weave GIs are thinner, so ultimately they are not durable and can easily be torn out. So people who are well aware of this sport usually choose double weave is because they are much durable and can stay with them for long due to high-density material. Double weave GIs have lots of advantages but along with it, this GIs have the biggest disadvantage which many of us not like at all. Double weave is is thicker as we discussed above, so it can retain heat which not makes it suitable to wear in the hot summers.

  • Gold Weave:

Another weave is there if you won’t get benefit from the above-mentioned GIs, it’s a gold weave. Gold weave has both the abilities, they are light weighted like single weave and durable like double weave but the main drawback is that it is little expensive, so everyone can’t afford it that’s why many of us prefer to go with the upper two classes.

  • Pearl Weave:

There is the fourth weave as well, which many of us don’t know about. This weave is called Pearl Weave. People who are more experience in this sport may know about pearl weave or even use it. The pearl weave is super soft and durable as well, which makes it awesome for hot conditions.

  • Rip Stop Weave:

Last but not the least weave is a ripstop weave. As the name suggests, ripstop is designed to stop rip or tears. But it has two major drawbacks, one is that it is light weighted and thin which makes it easy to grab and the other drawback is that the material of ripstop weave won’t allow much airflow which is not suitable for hot conditions.