Can Vitamins Make You More Productive and Energetic?

4 mins read

It is quite clear that vitamins don’t contain usable energy and they won’t be broken down to produce energy. However, people tend to think that they can become more productive and energetic after consuming some amount of vitamins. They can be rather obsessed with vitamin intake that they consumer a larger number. It is important to know that vitamins are needed only at little amount and at higher quantity, they can be quite toxic and damaging. In order to get the proper level of benefit, we need to get the right quantity of each vitamin. If we take more than what we need, we won’t get healthier and there are no additional benefits that we can get. When we talk about vitamins, we should consider them to be similar to specific non-essential substances. As an example, we don’t need caffeine, but may people obtain it from coffee to give them the needed boost during the morning. Caffeine doesn’t contain usable energy, but it boosts our body.

Getting just the right amount of caffeine can give us a temporary benefit, but too much of it won’t be a good thing. Vitamin C deficiency is often indicated with muscle and joint aches as well as an overall weakness. If the deficiency is severe enough we could be affected by extreme tiredness and become bed-ridden. Vitamin C deficiency can happen if we never have fresh fruits and vegetables. Those processed versions often lack the necessary amount of vitamin C for our body. It is still possible for us to get deficient on vitamin C intake, if we don’t eat properly. Among vegans, vitamin B12 deficiency is quite commonplace. The vitamin B12 is only found on animal-based foods. If we are deficient of it, we will have anxiety, depression, decreased cognitive functions and chronic fatigue. Vegetarians also can’t eat eggs and cheese, so their options are quite limited. The most obvious option is by getting the B12 supplement. However, it is important to be careful, because a large quantity of vitamin B12 could be quite toxic. When vegetarians feel more productive and energetic after consuming the vitamin B12 supplement, it may mean that they have a deficiency.

The deficiency of vitamin D could also cause fatigue, weaknesses and depression. It is a common thing in the modern society and many people aren’t getting an optimal level of it. Some people don’t get the proper mid-day sun exposure and they may not consume enough vitamin D-rich food, such as liver, dairy, eggs and fatty fish. By getting vitamin D supplement, we should be able to properly eliminate fatigue. Depending on the person, we may need to get between 2000 and 4000 IU of vitamin D per day. Each person has different genetic makeup, so their vitamin D requirement is obviously different. We should know about the right level of vitamin D for us, so we won’t get malnourished. It is an important fact that we should know.