Check out the Reasons for Using Coming Soon Pages!

4 mins read

After purchasing the domain and launching your WordPress site, you have to wait for a certain period of time to acquire potential traffic. It may take a single month to years such that you can reach the targeted audience and get numbers of visitors every day. Want to gain online recognition within a quick time? It is possible if you pre-promote your site using coming soon plugin and design it as per your business profile.

Suppose you are going to start blogging on food, you can use similar theme and images on the page. In case you want to start a job portal, you can prefer such contents. Let’s know about coming soon page in detail-

What Are Coming Soon Pages?

As you might know that new website generally shows blank or contains anonymous content before it gets launched. If you keep your site without any content or it shows invaluable information, you are not going to engage the visitors. Irrespective of that, you can use coming soon page and fill it with the information related to your business/ service/ blogging/ e-commerce site. With this approach, your visitors will get to know about your site and definitely, you can attract the targeted audience.

The best thing about coming soon pages is that you can also use it during maintenance work. Since it is important to test new plugins and themes periodically, this process may make your site unresponsive for the clients. By using the said page, you can inform them and let them understand the reason behind the trouble of using the site.

In this way, your real clients will remain inactive during the period you work on your site, and again they become active as you are ready with your site. For testing new plugins and themes, you must use WP Reset plugin.

Some Important Features of Coming Soon Plugins

  • You will get multiple free images to customize the look of your site that worth your effort and time
  • You can select the theme from the list of numbers of remarkable themes and select one as per the purpose of your WordPress site
  • You can also use SEO plugins to exclude or block search engine response
  • You can add your location as maps on the site to let your users know about your offline presence
  • You can customize the page using social media icons and link your account to divert your clients to reach your social profile

Apart from the listed features, many more attracted ones help the WP site to reach the top in the list of search engine results. With its use, you can also collect and push email subscriptions such that your visitors get to know about the launch on time. It helps you in acquiring more visitors from day one itself.


If you have a concern about the pricing, you must know that you can use free as well as PRO vision of coming soon page. So, make a decision now!