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Choosing A New Fence For Your Garden

3 mins read

Every so often, your garden fence is due an update, but it’s not as easy as going out and buying the weekly groceries. Even though you might think it’s only a fence, there are actually plenty of things to think about and things could still go wrong.

Choosing A New Fence For Your Garden

  • What is your Budget?

You should think about this before you start going out looking at different fence panels and possibilities for your yard. This is simply because many people go out shopping first, find something they really like and then adjust their budget to fit this product, even if they can’t afford it. Before you take a glance at any fences, decide how much you’re truly willing to spend. If you have no clue whatsoever about the price of fences, do a little bit of research online to find out the average cost of fences in your area. You will then have a good idea of what you can expect to pay, and you can set a budget that is realistic and affordable.

  • Can you Erect the Fence?

If you have experience setting up garden fences, you can save money by doing this yourself. You don’t have to hire somebody in to do it for you, and while many companies will offer this service free of charge, you can generally expect to pay a little bit more for the fence itself (which essentially covers the cost of erecting the fence!). If you haven’t got the expertise and experience required to put up a fence, ask your neighbours or family members if they can help you out. If not, you can research the cheapest prices in your area. Search companies but also look at local tradesmen, since they often do a job which is just as good and you’ll be giving them some extra business too.

  • Think About the Purpose of the Fence

Do you want a fence that looks beautiful alongside your flower and vegetable patches? Or is it safety and security that you’re mainly bothered about? Is the fence simply to separate the gardens of your house and your neighbour’s house? Do you often get strong winds in your area? Is it important that the fence is short enough so that you can see over it? While some of these questions might seem obvious to you, they are very important and should be thought about before you go out and buy the fence. Websites such as have a wide various of products to give you some ideas about what is out there on the market, but if you’re opting for more security, the fence will look very different than if you were choosing it for appearance.