Common Illegal SEO Tricks

4 mins read

There are common illegal SEO tricks that you should avoid. One of them is doorway page method that is intended to appeal search engine bots to index specific pages. It means that real human users will be directed to a real webpage, while search engine bots are directed to a hidden page filled with spammy keywords and other methods to boost SERP in unnatural manner. Doorway for search engine bots usually has no comprehensible content and it’s intended to fool bots. Another improper SEO method is called cloaking and it’s often known as the spamdexing method. It is often seen as a ploy to hide bad content and specific products. Cloaking can be used to serve up pornography, illegal warez and sexual enhancement drugs.

It is a well known fact that search engine ranking is based on the number or hyperlinks that are linked to our website. Gaining inbound links from other websites can be quite tricky and challenging. An illegal shortcut is to create our own links in an external website, located at different server and IP address. Link farms are webpages that contain only links directed to webpages that we want to improve. This is a direct method to spam the search engine index as a way to gain better placement. However, it is easy for search engine algorithm to trace the source of the inbound links. It will be very suspicious if hundreds of links seem to originate from a single webpage. Google and other search engines will invalidate these link farms and recipient webpages may be penalized.

If you are working with a SEO professional for the first time, it is important to regularly check the origin of new inbound backlink that arrives to your website. The origin should be genuine and fully working website, which provides natural backlink because the trust you get for providing relevant quality content. Some SEO practitioners may argue that these link farms are actually directories, but it should be easy to know whether the directory is created with the sole content of distributing links. If the SEO practitioner is found to create his own links from directories or link farms, then you should bid him farewell and move one, but don’t forget to ask him to remove links to your website, because they could become potential SEO hazards.

Regardless of what SEO method you choose, it is important that you avoid any kind of spam. This illegal practice can be implemented in multiple areas in SEO campaign, such as your own webpage and comment sections of other webpages. You shouldn’t spam email, search engines, social media, forums and someone’s blog. If you have been accused as scammer, the blow to your reputation can be quite serious. In some cases, people innocently do SEO mistakes due to the lack of experience and knowledge. It is even better if you are able to find trusted SEO expert who isn’t only honest but able to point out any of your mistakes in SEO implementation.