Common Linkbuilding Mistakes That You May Do

4 mins read

Link building method is essential for your SEO performance. Unfortunately, there are linkbuilding pitfalls that we need to be aware of. One of the mistakes is to not using proper reciprocal links. It is true that artificial reciprocal linkbuilding method is unnatural and can be penalized by Google if we rely on it too much. If we have formed good relationships with sites that are relevant to our primary keywords, it is quite natural for us to start referring to one another by creating links to other websites. It happens if we find that a relevant webpage has content that perfectly complements our webpage. We could refer to other website, if we want to improve the comprehension of our audience. If we are able to complement other websites, it’s only natural that we will also get reciprocal links from them.

 Another problem is if you avoid links with low PageRank. As an example, you shouldn’t avoid any opportunity to get webpages with zero PageRank. Linkbuilding should be implemented in proper manner and you should know that these PR0 inbound links won’t stay zero forever. The originating webpages will continue to improve in terms of authority and some could even reach PR5 or higher. So, you need to take all the possible opportunities to make your websites become better and better. When building links, you should fail to link out and this should become an integral part of website maintenance task. However, the linkbuilding progress should look natural and Google is actually quite vigilant in detecting any sign of artificial linkbuilding process.

The best and most natural linkbuilding process is when authority websites are linking out to other authority websites. Your position in SERP will become better if you are linked by websites with higher authority status. It is a good thing if you continuously check your reciprocal link partners. This should be performed on a routine basis. As an example, some websites could go down and the domain name is let expired, causing the previously useful inbound links to become useless. Many webmasters also put nofollow attribute to prevent spam attempts, which stop the SEO juice. Linkbuilding problems could also happen if you ignore proper anchor text in your links. This ensure the relevancy of your inbound links and increase the authority of your website.

Failing to build links is something that you need to avoid and many website owners only focus on creating content. Many people actually hate to build link, because they don’t know how to do it properly. In reality, linkbuilding isn’t rocket science and you are able to rank higher progressively only by gathering more links for your website. This is especially true if your product is highly competitive and you need significant amount of backlinks to rank properly in search results. You should contact websites with relevant topics, so you are able to form cooperation with them. You may need to work well with SEO professionals, so you can perform linkbuilding tasks properly.