Cocktail Party Music
Cocktail Party Music

Compiling A Cocktail Party Music Playlist

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Music sets the mood for any event, and with the right kind, your office cocktail party could easily be memorable or another dull affair. For a seamless event, you’re recommended to prearrange a playlist. You can work alone or with a colleague to avoid unnecessary bias in the arrangement and music selected. Opt to include songs you both prefer and current or old favorite songs that attendees would recognize. As a rule of thumb, add surprise tracks guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

Not everyone is comfortable at office parties. Though people put their best foot forward-visiting a top barber shop Toronto boasts or purchasing cocktail dress music plays a massive part in setting the mood for the event.

Cocktail Party Music


Before the party begins, lay some ground rules. No one should touch the music, you included. Doing so could prove to be a distraction. It also opens the door for party guests to presume they can request a song of their choice. Depending on the party set-up, make it clear that no individual is allowed to touch the sound system. You could use a sign or block off the area.

Have a backup plan

A backup plan is essential in case of a power outage. Nowadays, there are powerful Bluetooth speakers capable of keeping the music going. To amplify the sound, place it near a wall, at a corner or in a container. Make sure that the device playing the music is sufficiently charged but also have a power bank ready should the speaker or phone battery run out.

Build a playlist

Office parties can quickly turn grim if somber music plays. Choose upbeat tempos that generate a happy and light mood. A mix of genres keeps everyone engaged; ensure that there’s diversity in the songs, content, and artists. Everyone likes to feel represented. The theme of the office party will dictate the type of music that ought to play. Speaking of surprises, insert music that’ll cause nostalgia or contains humor.

Mind the playlist length and flow

A two-hour party requires 40 songs, but to accommodate the time before and after the event, add an extra 20-30 songs. The latter selection should be selected separately given that act as filler as opposed to part of the cocktail party ambiance. For the official start, play upbeat past and current favorites your guests will enjoy. Mix up the genres to keep everyone guessing.

One approach is to arrange the music by year, having a few representative of each genre as you make your way down to the latest music heats. You can also opt to be sporadic. Stick to songs that are less than four minutes long and with intros, bridges or outros or dialogue.

A cheeky way to inform guests who linger after the party has concluded is to play music with themes of leaving or saying goodbye. However, as a whole, slower music should be at the beginning of the party and more upbeat music toward the end. The tempo should rise and fall as the cocktail event progresses to keep it acoustically pleasing. Use a crossfade of about six seconds; guests will be rather impressed with your DJ-ing skills.