Create A Website In A Minutes – SITE123 Is Your Ultimate Solution

4 mins read

The virtual world of internet is indeed a great platform to put forward your ideas and share them with a global audience. But the only impediment for a layman is the complex scripting, coding and other vital technicalities which are associated with the traditional computer language. All this often deters people from building their own websites as they get confused with the tough technicalities. This is when the role of website builders comes in as they save you from the hassles of hiring professional web designers.

SITE 123 is one such web builder tool which is extremely handy and it allows you to create a website directly on mobile. Perhaps the easiest and simplest web builders out there in the market, they offer you a systematic step-by-step guide to design your own website. This is a revolutionary tool which has simplified web designing so much so that anyone with no knowledge on web designing can create a website. Its SEO features and plethora of well-planned design layouts make it an indeed reliable option. In short SITE 123 is all web enthusiasts’ utopia!

Why should you opt for SITE

If you’re someone who’s heard about SITE 123 for the first time, you must be wondering about the reasons behind such a rage that it has created throughout the globe. Here are few worthy reasons behind its importance.

  • Easy and quick website construction
  • 10 GB storage and 5GB bandwidth
  • High tech tools and responsive web layouts
  • Library of free images, content management and search engine optimization tools
  • Template designs and personalized layouts
  • Cheap domain connectivity and free hosting
  • Huge list of interesting Google fonts from which you can choose any
  • Add audio, images and video content
  • Extremely popular single page interface
  • Easy blogging solutions and smart e-commerce options
  • Effortless linking to social networking sites
  • Best utilization of web traffic which is also flexible
  • Instant communication with audience through mails
  • Lucrative newsletter package for email marketing
  • Competent team of helpful and responsible technicians for customer support
  • Easy interaction and inSite widgets for engaging more audience

Recent updates to SITE

SITE 123 has provided its users with a few major updates to create a website even more easily than they could do previously. Here are few updates.

  • Brand new addition of 56 languages while creating a website
  • Drop down menu or category
  • Set page on Footer through which you can locate pages which are on the lower section of the website
  • App market where 14 new apps are added like Stores, Booking, Forms, Events, Calendars to embed them directly into a website. More and more apps will be added every week
  • A form builder tool which can be used to add forms on your website
  • Address on Menu option
  • An auto-reply option on Contact Us page
  • New free image gallery
  • New mobile design
  • Other design improvements

As we see, the biggest issue which people face in the web builder industry is that they struggle to create a website due to the wide array of options which confuse them. They don’t where to start from and how to go about the process. This leads to many of them designing a website which looks unprofessional and is mediocre. SITE 123 offers the best possible solution to this target audience and helps them create a website instantly on a mobile.