Do not throw it, burn it: the importance of a sanitary napkin burner

4 mins read

There are a few things that need to change and how you dispose of your used sanitary napkin one of the most pressing issues which needs immediate attention. The fact is that a large percentage of the total waste is because of disposed sanitary napkins and they are an environmental hazard since they degrade very slowly, piling up with time and spreading diseases. This is a result of the fact that we throw away our napkins and do not take proper measures to dispose of them! 

Well the basic solution to this problem is none other than one – do not throw them away, burn them instead. No, we are not suggesting that you light a fire and burn them every time you use one – we are saying that a sanitary napkin Disposal is a very good option. It is a simple and easy machine to use and you will be able to reduce waste from your end as well and thus doing your bit to keep the environment as clean as possible. 

So how does this machine work?

Let us take a look at this step by step: 

  • The first thing that you will have to do is search online for this machine. There are plenty of them available, but you need to buy a well-reviewed product from a well-known source. So do your research properly and select a product that fits your needs. Make sure when you are purchasing for a public toilet or washroom, the size is a larger one than the one that you would be getting for your home. 
  • The next thing that you have to do is get the sanitary napkin incinerators installed in the right place. Since these are not too cumbersome, finding a good spot for installing it will not be much of a problem. All that you have to keep in mind is that when you are installing it, it should be placed strategically enough so that the smoke that comes out of it gets expelled outside the premises into open air, since you do not want smoke collecting indoors. 
  • So what basically happens is this – the used sanitary napkin is taken and then thrown into the machine instead of the bin. You need to switch it on and once you are done it will slowly burn the napkin into a pulp. Thus you will be able to get rid of waste by burning it and solve the problem of waste collecting in the dump yard. 

A sanitary napkin destroyer is always recommended since it burns the waste and is an effective way to address the waste collection issue stemming from disposed of and used sanitary napkins. These machines are quite easy to operate and along with making sanitary napkins available to, these machines need to be installed in both public and private toilets so that it becomes a collective effort which bears fruit in the long run. 

So, go for burning them effectively, rather than leaving them unattended which gives rise to diseases and increased waste! Burn to save the environment!