Do you face trouble to have a video on your device?

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For the video lovers, it is very much important to view the video and get the same downloaded to the device. However, the platforms where such videos are available to have certain restrictions and that is why, one cannot get the video saved on the device. One may love to view the video offline and as per own convenience, which is not possible if the concerned video is not there on the device. Those who love to forward the videos to other viewers and need the same on the device first.

What is the solution?

To overcome the hurdles of the video watching and sharing one needs to have the video stored on his device but for that first one needs to have an effective app that can pull the video from any platform. Though market does not have a shortage of apps in any category and hence one can find thousands of apps that claim effective downloading of the video, they are hardly effective when it gets to the practical use of the same. There is one app which can be truly relied upon, which is known as vidmate. It is an app one cannot find on the play store and hence to get the same one needs to visit the official site of the app, which is 9apps. Here one can find many apps among which one is vidmate. To have the app vidmate download, there is a link provided on the site, clicking on which one can easily download the video.

Get the vidmate download:  

Getting this app is simple and easy, but as it is not there on the play store, one needs to check the site of the same first. There the user can see a link which he needs to click to download the app. Rest of the job of downloading and installation of the app is managed by the device and app automatically. If the device does not have space, the app may not get downloaded and hence, one needs to be sure about the available space to have the easy download of the app.

Though the app is small and does not need much space on the device, it is necessary to check the available space for the same first else the desired video may also not get stored.

After the download of the app, it will automatically get installed. The system of the device may ask for the approval as it is not listed on play store, and hence one can provide the same and get the app to work as required.

Get the video:

The app can pull the video from any site, but it needs to have the right link first. Once the link is provided, the user needs to ask it to download the video and store the same on the device. While downloading the video, it may also ask for the settings of quality so that one can have a better quality video on the device.