Elizabeth Banks Bombs At The Box Office

Elizabeth Banks Bombs At The Box Office

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‘Stroll of Shame’ may have Elizabeth Banks, however the pundits have savaged the parody and crowds have stayed well away. In case you’re searching for a film in the not so distant future to satisfy its name then why not attempt Elizabeth Bank’s new motion picture. Tragically for her, its name is Walk of Shame and that basically aggregates up the motion picture’s voyage in the cinema world this weekend. However need happened for the drama which cost $15 million to generate, yet just took an inauspicious $38,000 in its opening weekend?

Walk of Shame is a piece of the new product of female driven comedies which were roused by Bridesmaids achievement however are yet satisfied it inventively. Of every one of them, Walk of Shame may be the particular case that falls uttermost from the imprint. It takes after Banks as yearning commentator Miles, who stranded in Downtown LA after an one night stand, has just eight hours to make a paramount employment meeting.

What’s let well enough alone for that depiction is the film’s fairly odd, peculiarly withdrawn principle plot component. Bank’s invests her time attempting to defend her one night stand to herself and other people who, because of her outfit, confuse her for a whore. The message of the film, that ladies are obviously allowed to have one night stands almost as men are, is obviously pleasant, however the execution of it appears to be genuinely misshaped.

Elizabeth Banks Bombs At The Box Office

All the dismisses are played Elizabeth being confused for a whore on account of her apparel, issue is, she’s simply dressed for a night out. We realize that, so why does no one else in this film? Besides on the off chance that we think that it entertaining, does that mean we think she resembles a whore? Since we shouldn’t and the entire motion picture’s message is againstĀ  the skank disgracing society, isn’t it? We’re befuddled and what is a ‘stroll of disgrace’ in any case nowadays? We’d trusted that expression had since a long time ago ceased to exist.

Whatever the film is or isn’t attempting to let us know, the commentators didn’t discover much to chuckle in the assumed satire. It gloats an extremely “dishonorable” 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with commentators savaging it for its script and various plot openings. Anita Gates composes in the New York Times that in the film, “A wonderful lady leaves a bar and runs home with James Marsden. Furthermore that is pretty much the main thing that bodes well in Walk of Shame.”

Coincidently, the film wasn’t saw for faultfinders so possibly the studio anticipated a shell for this one. Despite the fact that Bank’s herself has abstained from taking excessively of the flack from faultfinders, numerous see it as a case of how hard Hollywood is for an “interesting” performer. The Wrap’s Alonso Duralde says that “If anybody strolls away unblemished from Walk of Shame, its Banks,” including that the performer “herself into all of physical comic drama and mortification the motion picture sends her direction.”

It’s appalling for Banks that her first featuring vehicle in a while has veered so gigantically off kilter. In any case unfortunately Walk of Shame may be 2014’s greatest disappointment in this way. In reply to our past ”what is a stroll of disgrace?” inquiry, it appears to be in 2014 its simply a really unfunny film.