Elucidate 7 Features Of Samsung Smart TV

Elucidate 7 Features Of Samsung Smart TV

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With the popularity of LCD and LED TVs, the traditional TV is no longer used in household nowadays. Samsung is a quite popular brand and many people love to purchase its products such as TV, microwave, tab, phones, refrigerator etc. Moving on to the television segment, LEDs have gained much hype and everyone now likes to purchase the trendiest gadget.

Why Samsung?

Samsung itself is a brand name and the kind of products it launches gives people an edge over same products of other companies. So if you are willing to purchase a smart TV, then Samsung can be the best brand to rely upon. Customers will also get warranty on the product they purchase. If they get any complaint in their TV, the Samsung technicians will be more than happy to help.

7 Features of Samsung Smart TV:

A look at the 7 top features of the smart TV and why would you prefer it.

  1. Watch movies wirelessly – Now you can simply download and watch your favorite movies on your Samsung TV wirelessly. It is a very simple procedure. You just need to play the movie on your laptop and connect it with the wireless connection of your tv. Afterwards the movie is played on your TV. Enjoy your favorite movie with popcorns on a big screen smart TV.
  1. Perform Skype calls and video conference – Now with the Samsung smart TV you can perform even office activities sitting at the comfort of your home. Just make any skype call or do video conferencing with your clients or team at office through the TV. You just need to connect your smart TV with the laptop.
  1. Better clarity – The latest smart TV has better clarity than other LCDs and LEDs. It has a higher resolution screen which gives you an enhanced experience while viewing movies, episodes and playing games.
  1. Curved screen – The new Samsung TV comes with a curved screen that gives you the pleasure of seeing movies just similar to a hall experience. Now surround all your senses with higher resolution, better picture quality and great audio speakers.
  1. Playing games – The smart TV is now available not only to watch movies but also to play your favorite games. You need to simply connect your laptop with the TV through an HDMI cable. Soon your game will be viewed directly on the TV and you can play on it. The smart TV gives you an experience similar to play box.
  1. Power saving – The smart TV has an option of sleeping when it is not used for about 5 minutes. You can set the time as per your requirement. So whatever time you set, the TV is not touched at for that time period, it will automatically go on sleep.
  1. USB – The Samsung smart TV gives you feature of inserting pen drive for which it has about 3 – 4 ports and 1 port is available for the HDMI cable. Through this USB port, one can install games, movies, applications, any important folder in their TVs.