Energy Saving Tips For The Coming Winter

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On average, over half of a household’s energy costs goes towards heating and cooling. As winter approaches, now is the ideal time to determine how you can best reduce how much heat you have to use. Besides saving money, you will also be reducing your risk of causing a heating-related fire in your home, which is integral for keeping your family safe and preventing your home insurance rates from going up. Here are a few tips from FlameTech Heating which you can do to save money on heating your home.

Energy Saving Tips For The Coming Winter

Get your home insulated

Proper insulation in your home can benefit you in both hot and cold weather. It can prevent heat from transferring to where you don’t want it to go and can provide a way to control moisture through the ventilation it provides. Improving your attic isolation is a key way to keep heating costs down. This could cost you between five hundred and one thousand dollars, and result in you paying twenty to thirty percent less each month for heating.

Purchase a programmable thermostat

With a new thermostat that you can program to turn up and down at a certain time, you could end up saving about ten percent or more of your monthly costs for heating. To achieve these savings, set your thermostat to a lower temperature while you’re at work and possibly when you’re asleep.

Reduce the heat on your hot water tank and use water-saving techniques

Many hot water heats are set at a higher heat than necessary. Reduce your heat from sixty degrees celsius to about fifty degrees to save up to five percent of your bill each month.

You can also put an insulation blanket on your heater and purchase a faucet and a shower head that is designed to be low flow.

Get double-pane thermal windows installed

If you have single-pane windows currently, you may be allowing more heat to get out than can get in. What a double-pane window will do is slow down the transference of heat through the existence of the space between the two panels. If you replace all of the windows in your home, you could end up saving up to twenty percent of heating costs at the end of the year.

Replace your lightbulbs with compact fluorescent lightbulbs

Every little bit counts. CFL bulbs use seventy-five percent less energy than regular bulbs, and can save you up to forty dollars for the duration of their use.

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