Ensuring That Your Home Stays Warm and Comfy This Fall

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When you look back at this past summer, there’s no doubt in your mind that you’ll remember it fondly. After suffering through one of the harshest winters in U.S. history, you couldn’t have been more excited when the snow started to melt and the color came back to the trees. Determined to make the most of your respite from bitterly cold wintertime weather, you filled each day of summer with beach trips, backyard barbecues and other fun outdoor activities. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end – and summertime is no exception. Now that the trees have shed their leaves and a chill has returned to the air, there’s no denying that summer has come to an end. When preparing for the inevitable onset of chilly weather, it’s important to keep your home nice and comfortable. Since you’ll be spending the next five months cooped up indoors, the following preparations should not be overlooked.

Find a Reliable Propane Supplier

If you rely on propane to heat your home, it’s imperative that you find a dependable supplier. A good supplier will be able to work out a manageable delivery schedule to ensure that your family never runs out of fuel. Additionally, the right supplier will be readily available in the event of an emergency. Anyone looking for reliable propane delivery in Virginia needn’t look any further than Quarles. With a well-deserved reputation for delivering their product in a timely manner at an affordable price, Quarles is one of the state’s most respected propane suppliers. So if you’re tired of dealing with inattentive, price-gouging propane companies, don’t hesitate to place a call to Quarles.

Ensuring That Your Home Stays Warm and Comfy This Fall

Install Energy Efficient Windows

A surprising number of homeowners are unaware of just how much heat their houses lose as a result of having thin, single-paned windows. Because these windows are ineffectual at sealing in warm air, your homes central heater has to put in overtime to account for the constant fluctuation in temperature. This ultimately leads to increased energy costs. Alternatively, double-paned windows are designed to prevent warm air from escaping your residence and save you a bundle on heating bills. As an added bonus, these windows will also seal in cool air during the balmy summer months.

Insulate Your Walls

In addition to installing energy efficient windows, you can prevent heat from escaping by insulating your home. To begin with, seal any cracks or crevices in your doors, floors or window frames with a durable sealant. Next, equip your home’s attic with resilient glass wool insulation. Not only will these measures keep your home nice and toasty, they’ll save you a small fortune in annual heating and cooling costs.

No matter how old you are, the end of summer can dampen your spirits tremendously. Having to put your favorite outdoor activities on hold for nearly half a year is a surefire recipe for depression. Fortunately, by taking steps to make your home warm and cozy, you can keep your nearest and dearest comfortable until summer makes its eventual return.