Essential exam pointers for class 9 CBSE Maths students

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With increased competition, the onus is on the students to study hard and obtain high grades for their examinations. Class 9 is really important and you need to possess the right dedication in order to pass the exams with flying colours. The use of maths study material for class 9 CBSE might help you secure outstanding results.

Studying maths

When you are practising maths on a regular basis, it encourages students to be the best and even open up their mind. This is the only subject where students can score full marks, unlike the other subjects. Be it to excel or score high marks there is a method by which you can make it big in the subject. By taking stock of study material for class 9 maths and practicing them your task is expected to become a lot easier.

As a class 9 study you are expected to focus on each subject thoroughly. Firstly, it makes sense to practice those subjects that have the highest index mark in your exam, and then you have to focus on learning the fundamentals on each and every exam.

It does make sense to learn and understand the concepts of each subject, as it makes sense to prepare for competitive exams for NCERT and JEE. For each and every chapter in details, NCERT solutions can be found in details. The textbook solutions when you study properly help you to fetch more marks.

Tips to be followed in availing a high mark in class 9 exams

  • Focus upon challenging topics- In order to score high marks it is essential that you focus on challenging topics. In order to understand the concepts properly can be of great help. For example chapters like algebraic expressions or geometry needs to be completed first, before you move on to the others. The reason being that these chapters tend to be really challenging, whereas you can apply the concepts to the future exams. A norm is to practice the tough ones as you can undertake the easier ones later.
  • Clear all your doubts- regarding any topics there should not be any doubt remaining. Once all the doubts are cleared it would put the student in a better space and score good marks in an exam
  • Solving sample papers- If there is a desire to excel in Maths subject, and then you have to solve plenty of sample papers. There are reputed institutions that provide you with CBSE maths paper that helps you to score big in the exams. Regular practice followed by frequent tests you can obtain high marks easily. Most of the questions that are given in the exam are normally take out from the sample papers in an exam.
  • Constant practice- there is no substitute to constant practice. By doing so a student is expected to become confident and perfect in a given subject. Sample questions enable you to understand a topic better than others.

The CBSE board advises all students to follow the NCERT curriculum that enables students to face the exams better.

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