Essential Social Media Metrics Your Business Should Start Tracking

4 mins read

Businesses love the idea of using social media to collect leads and convert sales. However, the path to success can sometimes seem unclear. Fortunately, by monitoring the right performance indicators, you can optimize the use of your time and budget. Get started by tracking the following metrics.

Brand Searches

Use apps such as Google Trends and Google Insights to track how many times internet users search for your brand. The information you gain will help you predict your social media performance and guide your campaigns.

As the volume of searches for your brand fluctuates, you can detect changes that impact your business. For instance, a decline in searches my signal negative brand sentiment or new competitors. Meanwhile, an increase might indicate that your team has developed an effective strategy.

Leads Generated

Success for your business depends on the flow of new leads into your sales funnel. So, measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns by how many leads they create. You can begin measuring lead generation by tabulating social interactions as well as social referrals to your website.

Because of the complicated nature of the lead generation metric consider measuring it with the aid of a third-party application. This will help you accurately track the source of your leads so you can focus on your most effective channels.


Every wholesome marketing plan needs an effective SEO strategy. When you publish optimized content to your website, you can attract steady streams of visitors from search engines. When your visitors arrive on your site, you should give them a chance to “follow” your brand and “like” and share your material.

Prominently placed social media icons on your pages to encourage their use. As your website traffic increases, so will your social signals. Generally speaking, your SEO can become a primary driver of your social media strategy.


What people say about your brand can impact your success. Therefore, measuring brand sentiment is essential. After all, negative comments can go viral, causing long-lasting public relations issues. To put it differently, you should do everything possible to maintain a good reputation.

Find a good tool that will help your business measure this metric. In addition to having the opportunity to mitigate negative publicity, this information can also help you capitalize on positive sentiment.


Measuring engagement requires you to monitor numerous actions by social media users and your marketing team. This metric can determine the popularity of your content and the quality of your social dialog. This matters because people tend to like engaging with their favorite brands on a personal level.

Boost this metric by focusing on the human element of social media. So, share interesting and entertaining content and actively participate in dialogues. By, monitoring this metric, you can determine the effectiveness of your tactics and take corrective action when necessary.

In conclusion, social media is essential to your success. By monitoring the above essential metrics, you can optimize the use of your resources and tweak your activities to maximize ROI.