Explore The Underwater World Of The Cayman Islands With A Submarine Tour

Explore The Underwater World Of The Cayman Islands With A Submarine Tour

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Explore underwater world without getting wet

Explore The Underwater World Of The Cayman Islands With A Submarine Tour


There are many reasons that people go scuba diving in the Cayman Islands, one is because it is one of the best diving destinations in Caribbean, as it’s surrounded by reefs. But the main reason is to capture the imagination of the underwater world. But what if you don’t know how to scuba dive or even swim, or you are suffering from some physical or health issue and you still want to explore the scenic beauty of underwater world. Well then come check out the Cayman Islands submarine tours, where you will have the opportunity to discover coral canyons and have close encounters with the brilliant tropical fish of Cayman’s marine life, without having to swim or even getting wet.

The Submarines ride in Cayman Islands offer visitors a chance to experiencExplore The Underwater World Of The Cayman Islands With A Submarine Toure the underwater world without getting wet. This 48-passenger submarine takes tourists down to depths of 30 meters where they can peer through the submarine’s large viewing windows at the kaleidoscopic vistas. Tropical fish, shallow reefs, underwater canyons, and even shipwrecks are just some of the sights to enjoy. The company also offers night submarine tours and shallow-water excursions in their Seaworld Observatory. The Guest are treated to the captivating experience of a real submarine dive, in air-conditioned comfort with no pressure effects on the ears.

Your first sight of the Submarine should be as it breaks the surface, from its previous trip. Once moored alongside, you safely board the deck of the submarine by a ramp and enter the air conditioned cabin through a large hatch. After the hatches are secured, and pre dive checks completed your descent begins.

The smooth ride and clarity of the water will amaze you as you explore Grand Cayman’s Underwater Marine Park to depths of 100 feet (30 meters). Huge barrel sponges and star corals abound the reef, even the occasional stingray and turtle may pass within a few feet of your large view-port.

At the end of your tour, before returning to the dock, you’ll be able to watch as the submarine again descends on another excursion, completely disappearing from your sight beneath the surface on its journey to 100 feet (30 meters).

Also the submarine ride has many different tours to choose from depending upon the time you have in your hands. If you are on a cruise ship you can book a Cruise Ship Tour, if you want to see as many sea creatures as possible you can choose the Seaworld Day Tour and if you want more adventure you can opt for the Night Dive. You can read about all these different tours in detail below.

  1. Seaworld Day Tour

Explore spectacular coral reefs and shipwrecks off the coast of Grand Cayman on the Seaworld Explorer, a state-of-the-art semi-submarine. The Observatory departs from the Atlantis Submarines dock, located on the waterfront in George Town. The first site yoExplore The Underwater World Of The Cayman Islands With A Submarine Touru visit is a dramatic shipwreck, the Cali, a steel schooner built in 1900. This ship ran aground 100 yards off the coast of Grand Cayman in 1944. You’ll visit a dramatic shipwreck, the Cali as well as famous Cheeseburger Reef where a diver will feed the many varieties of fish right in front of your window. Be sure to have your cameras ready when our diver enters the water and begins to feed the hundreds of multicolored tropical fish right in front of your window.

Hear more tales of the high seas as the Seaworld Explorer takes you to see the wreck of the Balboa. The Balboa is a 375 foot (115 meter) freighter which traveled from Cayman to Cuba when she encountered one of the worst hurricanes in the island’s history on 10 November, 1932. The ship was literally broken into pieces by huge waves as she was bounced along the ocean floor. Much of her cargo of wood was used to reconstruct the buildings seen in George Town today that were damaged by the same hurricane.

The Seaworld Explorer then brings you back to the dock in the heart of Georgetown where you’ll disembark and continue with your Cayman Tour.

  1. Submarine Day Tour

The Submarine Day Dive will take you on a smooth, safe ride to 100 feet in Grand Cayman’s crystal clear Underwater Marine Park. In air-conditioned comfort, see and learn more of Cayman’s world-class underwater world that previously only scuba divers haveExplore The Underwater World Of The Cayman Islands With A Submarine Tour experienced. Clearly visible through the large view-port, you will see many species of colorful fish, occasional turtles and stingrays, corals and shipwrecks and learn of Cayman’s precious underwater ecosystem. Sitting at the helm of this 1.5 hour excursion is a skilled pilot and with the assistance of the co-pilot and guide, you will be thoroughly entertained and educated in Cayman’s undersea environment. Guests will check in and pay 20 minutes before departure time at the Adventure Center, located next to the cruise ship tender pier. Tours will start and end at the dock, located right in the heart of George Town.

  1. Submarine Night Tour

Diving at night is a unique experience. When night falls on the reefs, the creatures, coral and colours shine brightly in the path of the submarine lights.Explore The Underwater World Of The Cayman Islands With A Submarine Tour

Once the submarine hatches are closed, your exciting night dive descent begins and in a few minutes you’ll be within about six feet of the famous wall drop off. You will see nocturnal predatory fish such as barracudas, lionfish and occasionally sharks, who scour the reefs for unwary daytime fish asleep in crevices of the coral – these fish will usually follow the submarine providing great entertainment! You will also see the dramatic colours of the coral and sponges which really stand out against the dark background.

During the tour, the guide will provide a commentary on the underwater world. The Submarine Night Dive is a truly memorable experience that shouldn’t be missed.

The timing of the tour also provides a great opportunity to enjoy a delicious dinner in one of the great restaurants in George Town – all within walking distance of the Atlantis Submarine dock

  1. Cruise Ship Guest Tour

They even have tours for Cruise Ship Guests, keeping in mind that their time on the port is limited. The Atlantis tour makes sure that the cruise ship guest are back to the cruise ship pier in the heart of the George Town duty free shopping center. With this tour theExplore The Underwater World Of The Cayman Islands With A Submarine Tour guest will always have enough time on their hands to graze through the shopping area, have a drink or a meal in one of the nearby restaurants and bars, or even take another tour of the submarine ride. The ticket counter office provide complimentary fibre optic Wi-fi for the guest to instantly share their experiences with their family and family on social media or elsewhere.

All in all the submarine ride gives enormous convenience to everyone who wants to explore the underwater world in the Cayman Islands, especially for non-divers and swimmers. You haven’t truly completed your Cayman Tour without a ride in the Atlantis Submarine.