Finest Professional Painting Company In Toronto

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With the booming economy and also the real estate sector in Toronto, painting needs are through the roof in the city. So we decided to shortlist the finest painting companies Toronto has to offer.

Finest Professional Painting Company In Toronto

Renaissance Painters

Renaissance Painters rightly consider painting to be an art and are always prepared to go to every possible extent in order to satisfy the customer. They are one of the premier, award winning Toronto professional painters.

Apart from the painting services, they also offer remodelling and renovation services. Established in Toronto kitchen cabinet refinishing, paint stripping, interior painting, faux painting, carpentry etc are some of the services that they provide. To know the complete list of the services that they provide you can visit them at

They come with a liability insurance plan which will cover for the damage that may be caused while working on the project. Also the products that they make use of are eco-friendly and have minimal VOC.

Perfect Painters

Considered to be one of the best professional painting companies in Toronto, Perfect Painters offer their painting services all through the week. Equipped with one of the best trade’s people, they tackle everything from a little project (which bigger contractors shy away from) to the largest project available.

Their eye for detail is meticulous and considering that they work all through the week, they get the job done in no time. They handle both commercial as well as residential projects.

Perfect Painters also provide renovation and handyman services and so hiring them will relieve you of the hassle of hiring multiple contractors to get various jobs done.

When it comes to price, Perfect Painters charge a very reasonable amount and also offer discounts depending on the package that is chosen.

Celtic Custom Painting

Celtic Custom Painting goes above and beyond providing regular painting services. They give you brand new interiors a lavish touch with the immaculate finish that they provide to each of their projects. This has resulted in them being considered to be a fine professional painting company in Toronto.

Considering the fact that they have a highly trained team and are a one stop shop for all your painting needs, they are perfect to associate yourself with the next time you someone to fulfill your painting needs.

In fact at Celtic you can expect them to give you a custom service. They go out of their way in order to provide you with a service that they do not usually provide.

So there you have it, the best painting company Toronto has to offer. Next time you find yourself in need of a professional painter who will remain within your budget then do call one of the above companies for their services. Also, you can choose to contact and ask for a quote to each company directly, and they will ensure that you get the right deal for your needs. Reading a few reviews and finding what other users have to say about a service will also come handy.