Five Decisions You Should Make While Saving For Your Renovation

Five Decisions You Should Make While Saving For Your Renovation

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Four Ways to Have a Successful Home RenovationImproving your home is something that everyone wants to do and that everyone plans to do at some point. Renovations can be as simple as redoing the powder to room too as drastic as an entire home renovation. Whatever the project may be, it is going to cost you money. Here are a few decisions you can make in your every day life that will be able to get you to goal.

1. Turn It Off


If you are not using something turn it off. This could be any number of things. You should turn off the lights and all electronics when you are leaving the room. You should also turn off the heat or air conditioning when you leave the house. These things might night sound like a lot, but they will quickly add up.

2. Eat At Home

You might not think that going out to dinner a few times a week will hurt you that much because after all that is what you are use to doing. Wrong. Eating and drinking out is one of the most expensive things you can do. By eating out, you spend on average three times the amount it would cost you to make the same food at home. Packing your lunch for work or school is also a great idea.

3. Look Around

Chances are you are over paying for something on a regular basis. This could be your house payments, your car payment, credit card bills and entertainment. Your cable and phone are something that you are getting robbed on more than likely. Cable is extremely expensive and you can get the same thing from Hulu or Netflix or a better rate from a competitor. House phones can be expensive to keep, but you should check out companies like Vonage Atlanta GA, which offers extremely cheap local, long distance and international calling.

4. Use Cash

Spending money has become so easy with modern technology. All you have to do is walk up to the counter and swipe a little plastic card and everything is taken care of. Some stores even allow you to pay with applications on your phone. This makes it easier and almost second nature to spend. You should give yourself a weekly allowance in cash and try to pay for everything with that cash. When it runs out, you are out of money to spend for the week. This will force you to better budget your money and ultimately spend less.

5. Be Resouceful

The average American spends roughly 20 percent of their income on owning and operating vehicles. You should find out if your city has a good public transportation system, if it does you should use it. Gas is really expensive and driving your car to work everyday could really consume a lot of it. If public transport is not a great option maybe look into car pooling with coworkers. Not only are you saving money on gas, but you are conserving energy and you get to drive in the HOV lane.


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