Giving your 100% during the exam season

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With the Boards just around the corner, it is no less than pandemonium in every household, with panic and anticipation on the rise. The moment a student steps into these classes, they are told that their entire future will come to a standstill unless they work hard and score unbelievably high, which will get them into a good college that somehow dictates success in their career. While nothing can change this mad rush, follow these tips so that the boards are just a breeze!

  • Prepare well in advance

This one’s quite obvious. Whether you study in the best school in Delhi, or barely attend school at all, it is all your strategy to cover up your course that decides whether you will have what you learnt at the tip of your fingers or you burn the midnight oil only to repent in the exam hall. Know your course material well, make a time table, assign work to each day and try your best to complete it.

  • Set realistic goals

Unless you possess unnatural skills, it is unlikely that you will be able to cover ten chapters a day. Set small goals that will seem doable so that you don’t end up getting intimidated by your own time table. Reward yourself after completion of a goal- watch a YouTube video, grab a snack, or read your favourite book. But ensure that the reward is proportional to the goal itself.

  • Use the Pomodoro technique

This Japanese technique advices you to study for four intervals of twenty five minutes each. Each study session is followed by a five minute break. This technique works well as it makes the work look smaller when done in chunks, rather than scaring you away with the thought of studying for five hours straight.

  • Time management

If you are in a day boarding school in Delhi, most likely you will find yourself stuck in traffic for at least half an hour each day. Try to use even these small periods of time to your benefit.

  • Find an activity that releases stress

While studying is of utmost important, you might want to use your leisure time to let out some of that pent up stress constructively. Paint, take walks, make mix tapes, go to the gym, play a sport, write; do what brings out the catharsis. Without this, you’ll eventually burn out and lose your spark when you need it the most.

Remember to be calm, eat and rest well. Don’t get distressed under any circumstances, because no grade or percentage can decide your worth or future.

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