Go New Your Tour Travel Review

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It was always a dream for us to visit NYC someday and experience the greatest city on the planet. We knew that the Big Apple would overwhelm us with attractions at every turn. Thus, we wanted to explore every facet of this lively city to come back with loads of memories to share.

We had a list of places to visit and we knew how to get there. From art, architecture, cinema, green spaces, museums, shopping centers, monuments etc., we had to visit virtually everything that New York City was known for. We had everything chalked out except the way of getting around NYC.

Go New Your Tour Travel Review

Getting around NYC

Since we were visiting the city for the first time, we knew getting around would not be easy. We knew hassles would pave the way but what else could we have done? The subway was a bit confusing to us first timers and cabs are not cheap.

We did not give much thought to the option of walking or strolling around as it demanded a familiarity with the city. Then someone suggested the option of hop on hop off bus tours to explore NYC. First, the idea seemed a bit odd but then, after analyzing its pros and cons, we went with it.

Why double decker bus tour to explore NYC?

It was a good decision to get on a double decker bus to explore New York City. This allowed us to get a guided tour around the city from the comfort of the bus that stopped at all the key places and attractions.

Since the tour was the hop on and hop off variety, it gave us the option to hop off the bus at any of the sites or attractions and enjoy the place for as long as we could before hopping back on to the bus again. This is how the tour continued and we enjoyed it a great deal.

Pros and cons of a hop on hop off bus tour

The bus tour gave us some really amazing experiences we still cherish. However, it has its share of pros and cons, and having been on the tour, we got to know many things in detail. But yes, the plusses easily outweighed the minuses and we would recommend these hop on & off tours to you all.

Let me first outline the plusses we found on the tour:

  • The tour eased all our worries about getting around NYC and made things a lot simpler.

  • We just had to hop on, sit back and then ride, taking in as many visuals as our senses could handle.

  • We sat back calmly and had no worries at all knowing that the bus would stop at all major sites.

  • The bus had GPS triggered commentary that gave us interesting facts and information about sites and monuments along the way helping to broaden our understanding of the city.

Now, let’s look at a few of minuses that one might experience with the tour:

  • You have to be ready to wait in line to fit on a bus as peak visitor seasons tend to be very crowded and rushed.

  • Don’t expect the tour to either escape or bypass the famous NYC traffic as it won’t but rather, have some patience and be ready to waste your time, for sure.

We thank gonytours.com for helping us explore NYC in such an effortless, fun way. Without them, we’d not have felt as much comfort and ease as we did. You can trust them for Downtown, Uptown, Night, Brooklyn, and Bronx Tours. They have specially designed buses offering 365 degree views from every seat.

Surely, there can’t be a better way than hop on hop off New York to visit the liveliest city in the world.

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