Green Fingers: Top Tips For Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer

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Now the clocks have gone forward and the sun is making an appearance, there is no doubt that summer is well on its way. As we wave goodbye to one of the wettest winters on record, attention begins to turn to our outside spaces and getting them ready for the sunny season.

Whether you have an expansive plot or a petite patio, now is the right time to start preparing your garden for the summer season. Here are some top tips for getting your garden sunshine ready.

1.  Tackle those Weeds

The spring is the ideal time to get to grips with any pesky weeds that might have made an appearance over the winter months. The damp soil will make it easier to pull young weeds from your lawns and flower beds before they really start to take hold.

2.  Prune and Deadhead

Any early flowering plants should be deadheaded now to keep them tidy and to encourage them to bush out as the season moves on. Shrubs should be pruned back to nurture strong and vigorous growth, not forgetting to remove some of last year’s dead wood to improve their form.

3.  Repair and Refurbish

Take a look at your fences, gates and garden furniture to see how they’ve weathered the winter. Replace any broken panels or slats, and consider giving things a lick of paint to bring them back to their former glory. Treat any rust on metal fixtures and fittings, and keep an eye out for any bits of litter that might have blown into your beds too.

Green Fingers Top Tips For Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer

4.  Rejuvenate your Beds

Clear out any plants that are dead or unwanted, and give your soil a good turn over to get it ready for planting. Mix in some compost or mulch to refresh the nutrients in the soil itself, then treat yourself to a trip to the garden centre to acquire some new bedding plants for your borders.

5.  Consider your Outdoor Lighting

Well placed outdoor lighting can serve a variety of purposes. From providing useful light for evening entertaining to artistically illuminating your favourite plants and shrubs, good outdoor lighting is a must for the summer season. Consider solar powered lights as an alternative to mains, as this will remove all the hassle of wiring them in.

6.  Prepare your Pots

Having a few colourful pots around the garden can really lift things and make your space feel brand new. Select some plants that will flower all through the season to get the best results, and place pots in spaces where any colour is likely to be lacking.

7.  Invest in some Fun

Gardens can be great places to have fun with colour and design, so do some research into new products that can add fun and frivolity to your outside space. Things like waterproof beanbags, bistro style dining sets and hammocks can all add fun and colour to your garden as well as serving a practical purpose too.

Brush off the cobwebs and lavish some elbow grease on your garden space this spring, so that you and your family can enjoy a colourful, comfortable summer.

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