How Basketball Players Can Handle Balls Expertly?

4 mins read

Regardless of whether we are pro players or weekend warriors, we often desire to perform at the highest levels. For basketball players, ball handling is a fundamental that we need to master. In this case, we should know how to properly dribble the basketball and position ourselves on a spot where the ball can be thrown accurately into the basket. There are different resources that we can choose to know how to handle balls properly. Games replays, workbooks and YouTube videos could allow us to gain proper information. Players with excellent ball handling performance should be able to achieve better results. They will be able to dodge opposing players and reach the optimum position to shoot the ball. It is important that players are able to keep a safe distance between them and the opposing players that are guarding them. This should give them enough time to release the ball accurately and by having enough time, we will be able to focus on the basket for a fraction of a second, aim and throw the ball. By having excellent ball handling, players should have more opportunities to score. Great basketball players have unique characteristics, but great ball handling is something that’s in common among them.

Some basketball players can be nearly impossible to guard, if they have explosive athletic ability, along with excellent ball handling. Ball handling requires good cooperation between our dominant and non-dominant hands. We will never achieve our potential, if we neglect using our less dominant hand. If we are weak in using our less dominant hands, the results will be quite apparent in the game. During training sessions and actual games, we shouldn’t use the palm of our hands when dribbling the ball. It is better to use the pads of our fingers to get more effective control of the ball. When dribbling the ball, the ball should bounce high enough to reach our waist level. It is important to use standard balls, because some balls are not as bouncy as others. It is important to know that if the ball doesn’t bounce high enough, it can be snatched away by an opposing player more easily. If the ball bounces too high, we may get a carry violation. There are different positions that we can assume when are dribbling the ball. Control stance is assumed by players who are playing on the perimeter.

Regardless of our methods, it is important to make sure that the bouncing ball is out of the reach of the opponent. Players should be able to adopt the maximum protection of the ball, so it is very difficult for people to snatch the ball away.  Players with good handling should be able to predict the movement of the opponents. They will be able to react and choose the right reaction. Players should know where to move and how control their positioning. This should be a good way to maintain excellent ball handling.