How Khelplay Rummy Offers Discretion to Players?

4 mins read

Online gaming sites like Khelplay Rummy hold a great responsibility towards society as a whole. The purpose of the rummy apps is simply to keep the players entertained without encouraging anything wrong or negative. That is why they understand the need for providing complete discretion to the players and allow them to have things their way while they play rummy online. Here are some simple means by which KhelplayRummy offers complete discretion to its players:

Player Can Delete Account Anytime They Wish

Khelplay Rummy understands that just like creating an account for gaming was completely the choice of the player, deleting it is also his choice. Khelplay Rummmy has no binding on its players. The players who have joined the Khelplay Rummy app may delete their account at any point of time. This is the freedom all players on Khelplay Rummy enjoy making Khelplay Rummy account completely their choice.

They Can Choose Between Practice Chips and Real Chips

While many people enjoy playing rummy for cash, some enjoy the game just as it is. The two types of players we commonly see include players who enjoy to get the winning feel and players who play just for the fun of the game. The website and app for Khelplay Rummy have been designed to accommodate both these categories of players. That is why Khelplay Rummy offers two types of chips, practice chips and real chips.

Practice Chips: As the name suggests, these are free chips available to each player as soon as he creates an account on Khelplay Rummy. As the chips get over, the player needs to press refresh and these chips will be replenished. These are chips that are available free of cost.

Real Chips: These chips are available to players in exchange of cash deposit to the Khelplay Rummy account. You need real chips to take part in cash tournaments on Khelplay Rummy. Those who enjoy playing rummy with cash may opt for real chips to play the cash rummy tournaments.

They Can Display Actual Image or Use Avatar

As Khelplay Rummy team believes greatly in the discretion of its players, it also allows its players to choose between their own image or an online graphic avatar to represent their profile. The choice is completely that of the player. If a player chooses to use a graphic avatar to represent his profile, other players will see his avatar during the game.

They Can Use User Id or Nickname for Playing

As a player on this website, when you create an account, you need to provide user id and password. This is necessary in order to create an account and login. Once you have logged in, it is your choice as to use the user id or an alternate nickname to represent you in the profile. You need to be wise with your choice of nickname. You must remember that the nickname you choose will be the name by which other players will know and remember you.

These are just a few simple examples that show how Khelplay Rummy App completely values the user’s discretion and tries to value it at various junctures by providing apt facilities.