How To Build A Good Party Bag

How To Build A Good Party Bag

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At kids’ parties, it is very common to see what are called “party bags” being given to children who attended the party. These party bags (also sometimes called loot bags) are filled with little mini gifts like toys, pencils, little items of clothing, etc. They are essentially intended to be a way of thanking the kids for coming to the party. Now, some parents dislike giving these out, mainly because they feel that giving them out distracts from the fact that the focus of the day should be entirely on the birthday boy or girl. But, giving out party bags is also a good way of making everyone feel like they got something out of the party; this is especially important with younger kids, who can have issues understanding why one particular kid gets all the attention. It can also be a good way to teach your kid about the importance of giving, by having them give out the party bags. If you plan on giving out party bags at your next Hampshire kids party, then here are some tips for building a really good gift bag.

How To Build A Good Party Bag

Make them gender neutral

Unless you know for a fact that the party is going to be heavily slanted towards boys or girls, then it is better to craft the party bags so that they are gender neutral. There are plenty of good, gender neutral gifts that you can put in party bags. For example, school supplies, such as pencils, pencil cases, crayons, pencil sharpeners, and other things like that are always appreciated. Likewise, every kid loves to color, so gender neutral coloring books are a great choice. Of course, if the party is slanted towards a particular gender (which is pretty common with parties for really young kids), then feel free to make gift bags that only cater to one gender. Boys general love little toys like bouncy balls or toy cars. Girls, on the other hand, love things like stickers, mini clothing items, and things like that.

Do not include edible items

It is very common for parents to include edible treats like candy or chocolate in these party bags. While the thought is nice, in reality putting in edible things can be problematic. Some parents may get angry since they like to strictly control what their child can and cannot eat. It is probably just better to avoid putting any sorts of edible items in the party bags. Plus, you never want to be responsible for a kid choking on anything.

Don’t go overboard

A lot of parents go overboard when they make party bags, which is just a waste of money frankly. You should only be spending a few dollars at most on each party bag. Anything more is just overdoing it. The idea of a party bag is just to give the kids some useful items that they can use a couple of times, doing anything more is just unnecessary. Some parents may feel like they are being cheap if they do not go all out on the party bags, but trust us when we say that there is no reason to think like that.

By following these tips, you can make great party bags that will be a hit at any Hampshire kids party and that will cost you barely anything.

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