How to Build Basketball Courts at Home?

4 mins read

Although many basketball fans don’t really dream to become pro players, they are still eager to imagine being top notch NBA fans on their backyard or driveway. They often practice and make this as their daily exercise. Building a basketball court in our home should be quite easy. In many cases, we don’t need to start from scratch. First, we should make sure that the surface where we will build the basketball court is hard and smooth. Uneven surface may increase the risk of accidents and injuries. We also need to have acceptable basketball ring and in some cases, we may also need to paint basketball court lines. Costs of building basketball courts should be quite affordable. However, the cost can be quite high if there’s no existing hard and even surface in our home. We may need to purchase enough material to construct strong foundation for the upper concrete slab. We should also choose enough material for the basketball ring and stand. We may construct them on our own, but the easiest way is to purchase ring and stand in sports store. Choosing affordable painting material could also allow us to pay less money.

The overall project duration can be significantly reduced, even if we build everything from scratch. Again, the duration can be reduced if we purchase ring and stand kit from local store. Many houses don’t have enough space for a complete, full-sized basketball court; but it is possible for them to make a small one-ring court. We should purchase the right kind of basketball court kit for our house. There are different dimensions that we can choose. Some adhere to NBA standards, while others have smaller dimensions to fit limited spaces in our homes. Depending on the extent of the construction project, we will need basic to moderate building skills. The simplest way is to only to attach the ring over the garage wall, but basketball enthusiasts may want to obtain better results. Regardless of what kit we choose, we need to thoroughly and carefully read the instructions manuals. In many cases, there are no rooms for errors. Skipping one step may result in poor results and in some cases, real danger. Improperly assembled stand can be unstable, causing it to topple and injure players when they attempt to dunk the ball into the basket. The surface should be perfectly even and it only takes very simple measurement tool to find out whether the court surface is even.

Instead of simply putting the stand on the concrete surface, we may need to stabilize it further by drilling holes and inserting steel rods as foundation. The rod should be at least one and a half feet under the surface. Once all the rods have been inserted into the holes, we need to cover them with concrete. It’s essential to make sure that the whole is completely filled and there are no air pockets. After our mini court has been constructed, we should be able to exercise and train ourselves and other family members in the court. It’s important that the dimensions and height of the basket matches NBA standards, so we are able to accurately improve our shooting skills.