How To Have Fun In A Rainy Sunday?

4 mins read

Rainy Sunday can really dampen the spirit of the whole family, especially if they have been expecting for an exciting outdoor activity. It should be quite easy to fill our days during this situation. The first thing that appears in our mind is that game consoles and mobile devices can give us so much enjoyment. However, there are alternatives that we can take advantage of. Mobile devices are typically a personal experience, while gaming consoles can be played by only a couple of people at a time. Board games are better solutions for family activities; but unfortunately that have fallen by the wayside. Scrabble and Monopoly are simple board games that many families can use. However, there are many more complex board games with long playing sessions that can cover the entire day or even more. Board games can be so captivating that we won’t notice the strong wind and gray skies outside. If it’s a light drizzle and relatively warm, children can have a rainy day party. They can wear their raincoats and enjoy the rain that falls on their face and hands.

Adults can also participate and celebrate the rain. When the sky is clear, we could continue with a barbecue party in the backyard. By embracing the rainy day, we won’t see it as a dreadful situation. In fact, rain is something that the whole family can expect. When it’s not raining hard and light drizzle lasts for hours, the family can walk in the local park with their rain gear. With proper gear, children can even splash puddle as many as they want. Getting a little wet won’t hurt anyone. The air will be much cleaner and it’s a great time to spend time outside. There will be no more whines and boredom during a rainy Sunday. When everyone feels a bit cold, they could go to an eating place that serves hot drinks and snacks. This is another great way to enjoy the rainy day. When it’s rainy, many people prefer to go to the shopping malls; but we should consider going to the museum instead. This will be an educational experience and child can see many exhibits that they are interested in.

If one or more children seem to get bored; parents could allow them to be in charge for an hour or more. They can decide things that family should do to have fun. By being charge, children can keep themselves busy with things that they are interested in. They can be allowed to lay down a number of ground rules. If the whole family is really having fun, these children can be allowed to decide more things. By being in charge, children can have more confidence and they feel that they are being appreciated. The last thing to do is to drive with the whole family to the grandma’s house. Hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies are wonderful things that we can enjoy during a cold rainy day. Children can call grandparents a few hours before departing; so hot drinks and snacks will be ready when they arrive. Elderly will be more than thrilled to get visited by their adult children and grandchildren during a gloomy rainy Sunday.