How to Improve your Facebook Page Likes?

How to Improve your Facebook Page Likes?

3 mins read

For a desired user response on your posted content, your page needs to have sufficient page likes. Moreover, the likes on your Facebook page show how well your marketing campaign is doing. Following are some basic methods to improve your Facebook page likes.

Place Facebook Ads

The first and the most popular method of gathering people on a Facebook fan page is through Facebook Ads. With a daily advertising budget from $5 to $20, you can advertise your Facebook page to your desired segment of users. It allows you to choose whether you want your ad to be displayed in desktop newsfeed, mobile news feed or right-column. You can also manually choose your audience based on their location, interests, age and gender. Try and devise a schedule to display your ads during peak usage hours too.

Communicate your Friends

If you don’t want to spend much money on advertising to carry out the marketing campaign on your own, the first option you have is to contact your friends and ask them to like the page. You can also insist them to share the page URL so it could be viewed by people in their friends’ circle. You can also request them to run a small campaign and ask at least 10 people to join the page. Just open up your page and click the Invite Friends link, and ask all the people in your friends’ list to do the same.

Join Popular Groups

Another method to find relevant audience is by searching them in popular groups and pages that have a large number of followers. You can post content on these groups and pages to experience a high number of post views. Make sure the content you post as a guest is highly attractive and engaging. This will draw users’ attention and compel them to visit your page and be a part of it. However, the groups or pages you are posting in must be relevant to your own post or page topic.

Outsource to Professionals

Accumulating fans on your page is certainly a difficult job. If you find it hard to it on your own, you can hire a professional to do this job or simply buy likes for your page. It is a valuable option to achieve a great number of fans in a very low timeframe. The cost may vary with the number of fans you want to buy.

Although these nifty tricks may seem basic, they can work wonders to increase the reach of your Facebook page.