How To Reward and Motivate Your Staff

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In today’s competitive employment environment, staff engagement is vital to maintaining an effective, stable workforce. Engaged employees are motivated by more than just a paycheck, they are driven to succeed by competent leadership and effective social recognition. The good news is, these two factors, both leading indicators of a successful, healthy work environment, can often be combined to provide your workers the push they need to persevere.

How To Reward and Motivate Your Staff

By crafting a reward system into your corporate culture, you can make sure that employees not only understand what is expected of them, but that they hold themselves and each other accountable to those expectations. By creating an atmosphere of success, you retain and recruit the best talent for your company.

Let’s look at a few proven techniques:


Gamification is a hot button subject any supervisor with millennials in their care should be familiar with (even Forbes is on board with the need to engage this quickly expanding labor demographic). At its heart, gamification turns workplace goals and benchmarks into attainable, rewardable levels, much like the games millennials grew up playing on their TVs, computers, and phones. Because this reward system is so ingrained in the millennial experience, it can be the surest way to get the most out of this younger generation when done properly.

How To Reward and Motivate Your Staff
Try constructing your training and recognition program to mimic a game environment. Training programs that grant experience, job benchmarks that reward employees with virtual badges, and career progression signified as levels can all tap into the millennial psyche. The important thing is to make it achievable and relatable.

Trophies And Medals

Some employees are better motivated by a tangible symbol of their recognition. The trophies of our youth give way to trophies from our bowling league, and we are equally proud to show off both. Likewise, in an office setting, recognizing top sellers and leading divisions with a visual representation of that success can provide huge motivation to more than just the winners. Trophy systems can create goals for those who fell short, leading to a redoubling of effort.

One of the more popular trends in recent times has been medallions. These are beautiful, cost effective, and easily displayed in a variety of ways by the recipient. Whatever you choose, you can order custom awards online and have them shipped directly to you. This makes obtaining your motivational offerings both quick and easy.

Perks And Recreation

This may be the classic reward structure, but there is a reason it has lasted so long: it’s effective. The granting of special perks and privileges is still used by many managers as a reward system for high-performing employees. Even as “micro-motivation” this can be a powerful technique. Special parking privileges, half-days off, and vouchers to a nearby coffee shop or cafe can be just the spark needed to get everyone in the office pulling the same way.

Team Building Exercises

One of the best ways to get employees to pay more than lip service to the team concept is by coordinating events where reliance on their fellow employees is required to succeed outside the standard office environment. There are plenty of team-building opportunities tailored to your budget and needs, everything from expensive “survival camp” weekends to simply joining a bowling league or adopting a highway. Whatever game plan you choose, the main focus should be community and reliance.

With planning and care, team motivation can be your secret to corporate success. Learning to effectively manage and motivate a diverse workforce can be a trial and error ordeal, but with these popular programs, much of the guesswork is removed. Use your leadership and a few well-placed rewards to get your teamwork on track today.