How To Survive Google’s Major Algorithm Changes?

4 mins read

 Google regularly performsjor algorithm update and this could have significant implications to our website. The update is often aimed to bring more accurate, relevant and useful results for your websites. Some algorithm changes can be penalty-based and it means that websites that have violated the rules will have significantly downgraded ranks. Algorithm change is meant to flush the SERP and replace the results with only websites that have the best relevancy with what users are looking for. Algorithm change is often aimed to catch any website that have been found spamming the search results, such as through link purchases. Websites could recover part of their original traffic by removing bad links and anything that can cause overall degradation in search results.

After the algorithmic changes, you may experience sudden drops in traffic and this could be caused by the reduction in the authority of originating webpages of your inbound links. It means that you will have reduced SEO juice and this could contribute to the reduction of your overall rank. In order to compensate for this, you may need to perform PPC campaign for a short term period, so you will be able to maintain acceptable level of rank. Your sales will remain high, although you will spend more on PPC campaign. Any sudden drop can be seen as various SEO properties that fall short behind the competition. It is important that you seek to remedy the overall situation and you need to perform complete keyword research to find out whether your keywords are still relevant.

In some cases, various directories have higher ranking and it is important that you are able to get backlinks from them. Yelp and other similar directories could gain authority level after algorithm changes. You may use Rank Tracker to find out which websites that move up or down after the algorithm change. You could learn from their mistakes and you will gain significant things as a result. After algorithm changes, you should know how to properly gain enough exposure. You should be active in SEO forums to know what kind of improvements that you can make to survive the algorithm changes. They should be qualified enough to perform this kind of positive changes, because their efforts have been fully validated.

It is important to make a list of things that could potentially cause problems in your website. As an example, you may consider removing any kind of duplicate content. This will help you to survive well, because algorithm chances can be severe enough. You should also regularly remove bad inbound links that may not do your website any good. Website design should also be properly optimized, so search engine bots are able to navigate your website in a proper manner. In general, you will be able to retain your overall position, if you have highly qualified content. It means that you already have loyal readers who continue to return to your website even if you suffer temporary drops in ranking in the search engine.