How To Write The Introduction and Conclusion Of An Essay

How To Write The Introduction and Conclusion Of An Essay

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 Essay writing is almost never an easy task. Students who have to write essays for their college application find it harder than those who are writing it as a part of their school academics. The reason why most of the students find essay writing to be a difficult task is that they never give essay writing a serious thought until they are faced with the conditions of either writing an excellent essay or face rejection of their college applications. In order to become a good essay writer, a student must practice essay writing right from the early standards. In this article we are not going to discuss the basics of essay writing. Here we will talk about making an essay more impactful and attention grabbing. The two most important parts of an essay are its introduction and its conclusion. Any essay without a proper introduction and conclusion is actually incomplete and you should never get your hopes high on such an essay. We will tell you how to make these two parts of your essay stand out. Once you master the art of writing an excellent introduction and conclusion for your essay, you can say that you have won half of the battle.

  • Writing the Introduction of an Essay:

Ask yourself a question. Would you read a lengthy essay if its first paragraph appeared to be plain boring to you? The answer would be that in most of the cases, you will reject the essay. This means that the introductory part of an essay is perhaps its most important part. We will advise you to start with a bang. Make the introductory part as attention grabbing as possible. Use all the fireworks and tricks that you have in this part. If you manage to capture the imagination of the reader in this part then chances are that they will read the entire essay.

  • Writing the Conclusion Part of an Essay:

The conclusion is the second most important part of an essay. In the conclusion part you should try to avoid all the bangs and the noises. Conclusion is supposed to reflect the thought process and perspective of the writer in a calm and easy to understand manner. This part must be written in a way that the reader feels that the essay was like a journey. Don’t be afraid of putting your own philosophy in this part even if you find it to be a bit radical. If you are new to essay writing then you can also consider taking some help from a professional essay writing service. Click here to reviews of some of the top essay writing services.