Importance of the Location of the Cloud Servers

4 mins read

The security of the cloud server is of utmost importance. Companies such as Avanan Inc. offer a wide range of different options to their clients who are interested in boosting the security of their information on the cloud. The company offers full-stack security solutions to enterprises for SaaS-based email and numerous other cloud platforms. It was founded in 2014, and is now a prime alternative for companies who require a full range of solutions to boost the security of their sensitive information online. This is vital to the security of your precious data. To give you a better idea, here are a few things that you should know in order to better comprehend the importance of selecting suitably located and secure cloud service providers.

Robust Security: In many countries, you can acquire services for the cloud easily, and with a full guarantee. What happens is that the proliferation of acronyms and the existence of similar technologies for the same services generate confusion. For this reason, the most important thing is to know that every cloud has an earthly presence and that it is convenient to know its location.  This will help to know if it complies with the local government regulations in terms of data protection. Every cloud server is located in a data center, so it’s better to find out where the center is.

Different clouds, same obligations: whether you select private, public, or hybrid clouds as a contracting party, the user must comply with the legal requirements set by the law and its regulations, and demand compliance with a minimum of legal and technical standards to the company that provides the service. Thus, the contractor will be responsible for the file with all the information that is uploaded to the cloud, while the cloud service provider will be responsible for ensuring the correct treatment of this data.

A cloud with different needs: the offer of products and services in the cloud is as varied as the type of companies that demand these solutions. In this regard, it should be remembered that although there are some requirements and framework contracts for compliance with the authorities, annexes can be incorporated to regulate the specific services demanded by a company or modified to the casuistry that the company has.

Global data, local regulations: ignorance of the location of the cloud does not exempt you from the responsibilities in terms of data protection. This is especially sensitive in those cases in which the user contracts a service in the cloud that can physically have the servers in another country, and then generates an international data transfer that requires a series of additional actions when it comes to another country of the EU or the United States. In other countries, it may even be necessary to obtain prior authorization from the Data Protection Agency. Although the main danger lies in hosting data in countries that authorize access to this information by certain authorities, or the data is used for purposes other than those agreed in the contract.

Physical security and logic in the cloud: the cloud is not ethereal. The service provider must ensure the confidentiality and security of information to ensure the integrity of personal data. It should also manage access to data and facilitate the retrieval of information in case of an incident.