Is Your Business Putting Technology to Use?

4 mins read

Being in charge of a small business is no easy matter.

First, the owner or owners have to remember that running a company is a 24/7 job.

Sure, there are times when the office is not open, but it seems like stuff comes up no matter the hour of the day. When it does, it keeps a business owner’s mind occupied more than he or she would tend to like.

With that in mind, stop for a moment and see if your business is putting technology to use.

Sure, you more than likely have computers and other electronic devices at work. That said are you using technology in all the different ways it can help your business?

Review Your Company’s Technological Needs

In determining if your business is getting all it can out of technology, review the following:

  1. Website – Although there are some out there without a viable website or one at all, they are the minority. Having a solid website is almost a necessity in today’s business world. As such, you should review your site on a regular basis. Make sure it not only has pertinent info for clients, but it also downloads in an easy manner. Last, your website should have notable contact information for individuals to reach you. The last thing you want or need is people upset with you because they had a tough time reaching out to you.
  1. Apps – Does your company have a stellar mobile app? With millions of consumers using their mobile devices by the minute, you can’t afford not to be out there. As such, you want an app that will score well when it comes to reviews of mobile apps. Those reviews could be the difference between your app getting the thumbs up or thumbs down. Make sure your business app is not only friendly to user, but that it also gives them what they want.
  2. Communications – Make sure your employees can communicate with one another with ease. So, you have some employees who go on the road for business travel. Make it simple for them to communicate with not only you, but also the rest of them when deemed necessary. An example of this would be if they are at a business show or similar networking event. You can gather your marketing or sales team left behind and show them a live feed of the conference. They can also watch it on their individual computers or phones. Having this real-time connection can prove quite valuable.
  1. Security – Last, you want a secure workplace for those you use. With that being the case, do you have technology going to work for you? From cameras in the office and your parking lot to keycards to enter your building, don’t skip security. This is even more important if your company has money sitting around the office. The last thing you want is an unwelcomed entry into your business. Remember, that type of entry could put your employees at risk.

As your business looks for more ways to put technology to use, are you happy with what you see so far?