It must be Love Love Love

It must be Love Love Love

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“Love is in the air”, is a song title that needs no explanation. It’s a message that strikes at the core of one’s true inner self.

The rest of the words to the song aren’t even important to know or to remember, as the title alone stands on its own.

By and large, this is the way we work. When we hear, see or feel an expression of love, we instantly focus on the immediacy of what we process simply because it comes across as direct, honest or genuine. It ‘pulls at the heart strings’. And it’s this authenticity which activates our love endorphins, allowing us to open our heart and show our vulnerability. This short, simple, fast tracking, yet intuitively effective way of delivering a love message to another, is by far, the most sincerest and heartfelt moment that defies explanation.

And songs are a beautiful way of getting that message across, especially through love sms! There are countless songs with beautiful titles that could be used as messages of love to a friend.

“You Are So Beautiful”, ” One In A Million”, “Love Story”, or “Baby Love”, all share the same gift that ignite hidden or dormant desires starving for attention and craving passion. They compel you to take notice, to reveal something within. And once achieved, the road to recovery seems but a distant galaxy away, and the feeling too intoxicating to ignore. This is what lies beneath a song title, completely unaware to the unsuspecting individual. Their often “cheesy” title has a powerfully luring effect that even the more hardened types find difficulty looking away or dismissing. We see these types in the street, or in a café, rolling their eyes or sighing their indifference, but we know they’ve been bitten by the ‘Iovebug’, we know by the glint in their eyes that they’ve been seduced. And of course, the obvious give away is by the way they show strong resistance, or fight any overt sign of being bitten. It’s at this point where we smirk in silent satisfaction at the poor love-struck puppy and say to ourselves,
“see, no one is immune, forget fighting it, it’s no use, see it for what it is, and embrace the inner romantic you truly are”

Every song can be hand-picked and related specifically to a friend for their continued love and support they’ve always shown you

If Nat King Cole’s “When I Fall in Love” doesn’t hit the mark, or Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose”, doesn’t remind you of that special friend you know it’s perfect for, then surely, there must be a song, just one song, that will truly find its owner in that most special way.

In a world of fast-everything, time-poor schedules, increasing work-stress, the ‘art’ of sending messages of love has been reduced to Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter and Birthday’s, with perhaps the odd special occasion.

What hope can we cling to, in a bid to capture our real feelings for another whenever the situation calls for action?

The Power of Love is our only hope, and through the song that fits most SMS Love is the answer.

Sing my Song Love