It’s a Hot and Humid Day. Which Would You Buy?

5 mins read

Let’s say it’s a very hot day today, the temperature is 40°C/104°F. You see two stalls – both are of the same size, but one looks more elegant than the other. The first one (let’s call it “stall A”) has a very simple “setting”. No flowery curtains, splendid table covers, no fancy stuff. All you can see there is a person (the seller), and his refreshing and cool lemonade. The second one (“stall B”) has all the elegance in the world — high-class decors, tablecloths, a unique logo for the stall, and all that. The owner of stall B looks very presentable, and he’s selling cups of coffee.

Now, the question is… which product would you buy? The lemonade, or the coffee? I’m sure all of you would answer lemonade, unless your brain has been configured to be topsy-turvy!

This teaches us one important lesson. If you do not market the right product to the right people (in this case, people who need a refreshing thirst quencher), you would NOT make any sales at all… No matter how presentable your product is!

Learn to Adapt to Your Environment

The internet is transforming more and more nowadays, and we can not simply deny that fact. We, internet marketers, should learn to adapt to our environment. If the people today need article spinning software, then let us have something to market to them — get a programmer to produce a unique and saleable software, and then do what every marketer should do. Use your skills to make some serious sales. Do not try to sell them an article copier software that literally copies and pastes articles from the net to a word processor. I’m telling you, you would not make even a single cent.

What measures/actions should we take in order to adapt to our environment quicker?

Research, research, research. This one is very powerful especially when you know how to do it properly. Research on the most lucrative niches. Know what the people’s needs today are. Learn which things are hot and which are not. Be updated on all the trends on the internet today.

Don’t try things that you think won’t work. There was this saying by Henry Ford, let me share it with you. “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” Most of the time his quote proves to be true! Trust me, I can attest to that. If you think selling boxing gloves to fashion-inclined girls won’t work, then don’t even think of doing it. Once this becomes your habit, you won’t be making mistakes of choosing the wrong product for a certain group of people during a certain period of time.

Ask for suggestions/comments. This method has never failed me. If you ask for suggestions, it would be like asking the question “What would you want me to sell to you?” to your target market! I have tried this a lot of times already and it always worked.

People Buy Something Because They Like It…

… Not because you’ve got a decent sales pitch. If you had a very, very enticing sales pitch, then maybe they would buy without thinking, but we’re only talking about a decent sales pitch here. 😛 No more arguments about the adjectives. Let’s continue on…

Face it — even if you don’t write a great sales pitch, people would be flocking over your online store if they think your product is that good. In my opinion, it would be enough to have a detailed advertisement on forums and other websites in order to get a good number of sales. Overly exaggerated and extravagant pitches might actually do more harm than good. Why? People would be raising their eyebrows on your product!


Learn to adapt to your environment and make sure your product is liked by people. Research on the hottest trends these days and try to squeeze some information from prospects by asking for suggestions/doing surveys. If you market what’s marketable (or saleable), then you would be sure to get a lot, and I mean a lot of sales.