It’s Apple Again: 5 Feature Enhancements of iOS 11 to Boot

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The Apple’s iOS 11 introduces a new standard to the world’s most advanced operating system for mobiles. It makes an iPhone more capable than ever and features iPad better than before. Today, Apple has outdone itself again as it launches new improvements such as augmented reality for apps and games.

Through iOS 11, iPad and iPhones are now the most technologically advanced gadgets they have ever been. Check out these enhancements below!

Advanced Siri

What can iPhone and iPad users have to expect in this current features of iOS 11? Beginning with Siri, an assistant at Apple has learned various new languages and is now able to translate phrases into Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, and French.

Siri can’t only speak the translated phrase, but it can also display it on the screen. It also has a button that you can tap if you want to repeat the phrase. This feature comes in handy if you travel a lot but don’t speak the dialect of the locals. Now you ask help from Siri and make it as your interpreter.

Built-in QR Code Scanner

The first latest update on the Camera app of iOS 11 is the additional QR code scanner. Though QR codes are not that popular in the US, you can rarely find them. With the help of QR Code Scanner, you can scan them directly with the Camera app rather than downloading a third-party application to do so.

Not only will the Camera app scans QR codes from posters, billboards, and flyers, but it can also scan QR codes from the computer screens as well as from the other tablets or mobile phones. You don’t have to fit the QR code perfectly within a border or right beneath the red line. It can scan just fine as long as the code is visible regardless of its angle.

Roundup Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or AR support is one of the most remarkable features of iOS 11, which is also compatible with iPhone 6s and the later versions. With iPad, it will need an iPad Pro or the latest 5th generation of iPad.

The iOS 11 demonstrates ARKit, which is a new structure that allows you to build or create unique augmented reality adventures for iPad and iPhone quickly.

Through the blending of digital information and objects with the environment around you. The ARKit takes applications beyond the screen of your phone, allowing them to interact and uniquely play with the real world.

All-New App Store

The iOS 11 now introduces an all-new App Store where you can spend some extra time browsing the virtual library. The store is set out more easily, giving apps and games their specific sections.

A new “Today” tab presents particular apps with great profiles. While the redesign of App Store will specifically appeal to some developers, providing them more access to promote new apps and software, it seems to encourage everyone to discover new and unique apps in the process.

Improved Control Center

In the past iOS 10, users used to drag up the Control Center from the bottom of the screen then swipe it across, which will reveal various separate sections that perform several tasks. While these features were helpful, the shortcuts were usually just inconvenient.

In iOS 11, the command center is customizable and now stretching into the phone’s screen with bubble-like figures, making it more accessible to tweak the important functions on your iPad or iPhone.


Today, iOS 11 finally goes real to make your iPad and iPhone get the polished new software you have been craving after. The iOS 11 contains several important enhancements for controls and apps you usually use and several useful improvements to features that maybe you have been ignoring such as the control center and Siri. You can visit Deal Wiki and other various tech sites to gather info regarding latest Apple technology.



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