Keep Your Boiler Safe and Healthy With Proper Operation and Maintenance

Keep Your Boiler Safe and Healthy With Proper Operation and Maintenance

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When you are working on a boiler, you know that it is huge and very complicated equipment, which needs very high level of care and maintenance. A boiler produces very high amount of heat and pressure, which are used by industries for various different operations and processes. For industries where a huge boiler is installed, boiler care is a primary concern.

When a boiler is installed in a company, there is a lot of money and resources involved in the process and no company wants to repeat this process of installation of a boiler very frequently. For this reason, it becomes very important to take good care of boiler. Boiler care involves two major steps, one is boiler operation and the other is boiler maintenance.

When we are talking about the boiler operation, you can only rely on the best for proper boiler function. You need to hire a well qualified boiler operator, who has proper experience of working on several different boilers so that he could understand the needs for an efficient boiler operation. When you are hiring a boiler operator, you need to ensure that the person you are hiring has enough knowledge to operate a boiler without damaging it or lowering its efficiency. He must be able to read all the manuals and gauges mounted on your boiler so that he could run it in a safe manner. The boiler operator you hire must have a valid license to operate a boiler. Ignoring this point can cause legal problems to you.

Once you have an efficient and competent boiler operator, you need a competent maintenance team also to take good care of your boiler when it is not working. The first step in boiler maintenance is the cleaning of boiler tubes. Boiler tubes, when are used continuously for a long time, get clogged due to deposition of sludge, dirt and other debris on the inner surfaces of boiler tubes. If this dirt is not removed, it can lower the efficiency of the boiler and its tubes and also can cause them to develop cracks, which are not good for your boiler. Lower efficiency will lead to more consumption of fuel and hence great economic losses to the company as well. In order to clean the boiler in an effective manner, boiler tube cleaners are used, which perform the task in an efficient way and take very less time to do so.

Once you have cleaned the tubes of the boiler, you can now proceed to check all the other components of the boiler to find any type of defect or malfunction/ of there is any defect found in the boiler components, it should be repaired or replaced immediately to restore proper working of the boiler. Avoid running your boiler with defective components as operating a boiler with defective components can be very dangerous for both the equipment and people, working near it.

Author’s Bio: The author is a working in a brewery as a boiler maintenance In-charge. He also likes to write articles for many websites such as about various topics related to boiler care and operation.