Kids These Days: Here’s What’s Trending This Fall

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When you’re looking to see the trends just look at those 20 somethings and what they’re doing. Whatever they do they have no doubt taken selfies doing it and posted it to their many social media accounts. This alone is a great way to get other 20 somethings running out to do the same.

Kids These Days: Here’s What’s Trending This Fall

One absolute change you can see is the decline of live TV. There was a time when your channels were CBS, ABC, and NBC…and, of course, your local station. If the season premiere of your show was coming on or going off the air, you knew you had to be home in time to watch it. Then of course came the VCR and then Tivo where taping your shows and watching at your convenience was the only way. But live tv has taken a major hit with the popularity of streaming services. Now not only do people have the choice of what programming they prefer but they also get to decide when to watch it.

Television used to be free and the commercials during your program were part of the deal. Companies were able to sell us products in between the times our favorite shows aired. Of course, this still goes on, just think of the Superbowl ads. Now that streaming is available people can watch movies and entertainment programming uninterrupted. With so many different streaming services all making big bucks some are even starting to air their own programming. It will be interesting to see where this goes in the years to come.

Another trend that has taken on with these twenty-somethings is all that is herbal. From cigars made with herbs and hookah to herbal blends which can be hand wrapped blends of herbs inside even hemp wraps. Hookah bars that offer a menu of creative herbal blend flavors are popping up all over. Hookah is a water pipe that has been smoked for thousands of years and is a tradition in some cultures. Tea blends in herbal wraps are another favorite of this age and again goes back to health and better choices. The blending of teas is an ancient art and today it did not only to cure what ails you but it also tastes good.

Different herbal blend flavors are popular with twenty-somethings because they are looking for alternatives to the tobacco and nicotine loaded cigarettes. These healthier choices of inhalation are offering better and healthier ways to medicate and take advantage of the relaxation effects of these plants. Flavors like mint and lemongrass are replacing the chemical ridden cigarettes of yesterday. Hand wrapped blends of herbs are another popular way these twenty-somethings are embracing all things herbal.

And finally, another new and interesting 20 something trend is the age-old art of wine. Yes, twenty-somethings are finding that wine is something they truly enjoy. Wine sales within the twenty-something demographic are soaring. These twenty-somethings are joining subscription wine services to expand their home inventories. From the vine to the wine, visiting wineries and learning the art of tasting and pairing wines with food is something that’s also hit a nerve with them. This trend is something that can really show that this generation is looking to be a little more cultured in the finer things life has to offer like a great Cabernet.