Know About More Career Options According To Interest

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Life beckons you once you reach your teens, or to be more specific when you are in high school, on the brink of starting your career. You are happy that finally you are free of the rules and regulations that bound you in school and also excited at the prospect of earning your own living and savor independence. But the myriad options and the cut-throat competition can also instill in you an ominous foreboding, am I up for it? Would I be able to choose the best career option for myself?

Dreams and Your Career

Follow your dreams! Well that slogan has been done to death now! You might not be amongst the lucky few who had had the privilege of finding your calling when you were a tiny tot! Okay maybe a little later than that there are people who are fortunate enough to understand themselves or have someone who recognizes their inherent talent and help them to rise up the precarious ladder of success! Maybe you are someone whose still figuring out your interests, especially if you have one interest too many! Which one to choose? You are plagued by conflicting thoughts unable to decide and trying your hardest to do something about it! Where to go from here? From who to seek help?

What Appeals to You?

You are perhaps drawn to a particular career but you are not too great in that! For example you would love to be fashion designer and dreaming of being the next Sabyasachi! But you don’t think you have the requisite skills to pursue that career then what should be your next step action? Narrow down your interests to the one which you really are passionate about. If that’s difficult to channelize, and if you are obsessed about fashion there are other equally interesting things to do apart from being a fashion designer. You can be fashion magazine editor a stylist or a fashion critic. Lots of things to choose from but if you are still confused bring your family and friends on board! They can give you enough food for thought! If, even that is not suffice, and you are interested in a feast! Try getting an outside perspective that always works the best! Seek professional guidance as in career counseling and find out that one interest that really matter!

The Best Place for Your Personality

Delving deep into yourself and finding out your interests is important but what is more important is finding out what kind of work environment suits you. You may be an introvert and find it nicer to work in an atmosphere free from chaos! An out an out extrovert would thrive in an atmosphere buzzing with frenetic activity. That is why it is so important to take up a personality test to find some of the hidden traits which you have been blissfully unaware about. Again it depends upon you, how passionate you are about the job to let you go off your inhibitions and sink your teeth into that particular job!

Assess Yourself

It’s important to find out your real passion and also compare and do some research as to whether the particular job would really act as a succor for your creative instincts, give you, every opportunity to spread your wings and enjoy maximum growth prospects, now how is that possible? Get an internship in those places which you would really want to work or follow that person whose career you unabashedly like to emulate. You might find out certain tricks in the trade that might further reaffirm your beliefs in the career you have chosen or make you think twice before jumping into the bandwagon. It is best to explore and collect information about the job you want to do; it would sure help you take your final call in choosing your career.

Holland’s Theme

Going by the theory of Holland, People who have similar interests find themselves in similar kind of jobs! Their interests can be divided into broad categories:-

  • Realistic- These kinds of people usually have a combination of physical strength, motor co-ordination and skill. They are go-getters, who would prefer action over words. They are more into science than aesthetics and cultural realm.
  • Investigative- These kinds of people are usually quiet and understated than jumping into the thick of things, without giving it a thought. These people are usually not regarded as a people’s person. They would rather think than act.
  • Artistic- These people have more interpersonal skills. They are more interested in physical tasks and rather emotive than the others. They are not interested in extensive intellectual or physical activity.
  • Social- They give more importance to social skills and social activities. They are empathetic and want to change people’s behavior with the help of their skills. They are gregarious cheerful and more verbal.
  • Enterprising- They are skilled verbally and are very conscious of prestige and status. They would utilize these skills more than conventional people.
  • Conventional- They are much more likely to abide by rules and regulations and would stick to them. They too give importance to prestige and status.

Going by Holland’s Theme people are divided by different interests and pursuits and they are only going to shine in their work if they choose a career which would match with their skills and interests. So instead of making conjectures on careers and interests, get self-assured and then embark upon your much touted career. But if you can create an honorable livelihood, where you take your skills and use them and you earn a living from it, it gives you a sense of freedom and allows you to balance your life the way you want. ”But if you can create an honorable livelihood, where you take your skills and use them and you earn a living from it , it gives a sense of freedom and allows you to balance your life the way you want.” Anita Roddick. It couldn’t have been more appropriately summed up. So invest in your interests, it sure would give you rich dividends!