Loving Las Vegas

Loving Las Vegas

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Looking for a great place for a vacation? Why not hop a flight to Las Vegas and see what everyone’s talking about? Let’s take a walk around this famous city and see if you might want to add this destination onto your next set of travel plans!

One of the first sights you’ll see from your plane as you land at McCarron Airport will probably be the dominating black pyramid, home to the Luxor Casino and Hotel. This Egyptian-themed hotel opened in 1993 and has been a favorite of tourists wanting a bit of the exotic in their stay. The hotel itself rests inside the pyramid, going up thirty stories with “pyramidators” running up at each intersection to deliver you to your room. These special elevators run at an angle, making your stay that much more special.

As you walk in past the dominating Sphinx at the front door you’ll find yourself in a full-size replica of the Great Temple of Rameses II and beyond that the casino floor, waiting to entertain you. The Egyptian theme extends to the costumes worn by the staff and the beautiful murals on the walls – and doesn’t forget the gift shop! For a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, you can be a Pharoah in your own mind at this resort!

If you’re looking for a bit of distraction, be sure to check out the famous Blue Man Group! A staple attraction in Las Vegas, this show has been sold out constantly for months – be sure to get your tickets early if you want to see what all the fuss is about!

Loving Las Vegas

But let’s walk outside for a minute and see what else the famous Strip has to offer. Right beside the Luxor is a giant castle, and who knows what lives in the moat!

The Excalibur was one of the first theme hotels, built in 1990 and still manages to be one of the major draws after over a decade of existence. Crossing over the drawbridge into the hotel itself, you’ll find yourself immersed in a medieval atmosphere like no other. Walking past the giant stone dragons you can sit at the tables and enjoy some classic gaming such as roulette and blackjack, or wander down to the Food Court for some of the best steaks in Las Vegas! Free entertainment in the Medieval Village makes it a fun visit while you consider dropping into the Tournament of Kings for a dinner date. This recreation of a medieval joust stars real knights on horseback jousting for the approval of their King and audience while you feast on fine medieval food brought to your table.

At night you can enjoy seeing the turrets of the castle lit up by brilliant lights as the fireworks go off, adding a bit of modern magic to this medieval atmosphere. A family favorite, the Excalibur has been one of the most popular resorts for years and continues to be a major draw.

Leaving the famous castle we walk across the street to the dominating New York City Skyline. But wait, are we still in Las Vegas? You sure are, but this is New York, New York – one of the newer hotels on the block and one of the most flashy!

This hotel is all about the United States and the promise that New York brought to so many immigrants seeking the American Dream. And they might have found it here, from the casino floors dotted with Statues of Liberty to the New York Deli food area to the rollercoaster that swoops and dips around the exterior of this major resort. The hotel rooms are situated inside the actual skyline itself, giving the viewers an excellent view of the Strip. At the base of the hotel you’ll find a NYC fireboat, spewing water out of the many hoses into the small pool underneath it. This area became an impromptu memorial after the events of 9/11, with fire and police departments from around the world placing tshirts with their logos and insignias on the metal railing that runs around the pool. Stacked over five inches high, this memorial was a solemn reminder of the reality outside the glitz and glamor of the Las Vegas world.

But let’s leave those memories for a minute and walk across the street to the MGM Grand! With the huge golden lion taking up the entire corner, you can’t walk by this resort without taking a bit of a peek inside!

Here is where you can find everything you ever wanted to know and enjoy about the entertainment giant that is MGM. With famous entertainers like Rick Springfield performing in shows like FX, this hotel guarantees to take your mind back to the famous Hollywood days of yore. Come visit the live lion exhibit on the main floor and see the trainers play and groom the large cats. Be sure to visit the gift shops for the latest hot souvenirs from such famous shows as CSI as well as movie memorabilia. Hot nightclubs and a hot venue for famous sporting events make this a must for the sports fan in your family. The MGM Grand has been the home of major boxing bouts as well as the Ultimate Fighting Championship for years and is dedicated to delivering a good time to you and your family.

Heading on down the Strip you can find other famous resorts waiting for your attention, such as the Mirage. Be sure to time your visit to the eruption of the famous volcano sitting right out on the street! This hotel is also the home of Siegfried and Roy’s White Tigers. Although the show at present isn’t running due to injury, you can still view these magnificent beasts in their own Private Garden and be enchanted at the pure white and black stripes that make these creatures a rare species. Small stuffed toys are available in the gift shop for great souvenirs of this classic Las Vegas show. But don’t forget to visit the dolphins! Kept in a quiet area away from the noise and hustle of the main road, these bottle-nosed dolphins swim from pool to pool and thrill to have you visit and watch them play and frolic. Trainers will help you learn about these magical mammals and assist the dolphins in showing off their agility and intelligence.

Caesar’s Palace is one of the original hotels that has never gone out of style – hop on one of the moving sidewalks to venture inside the ancient Roman world and be entertained as you’re drawn back in time. From the exotic shops to the Imax rides to the animatronics used to depict a war between rival Roman gods, this is a must-visit resort and has withstood the test of time easily.

There are many other resorts that have opened along the Strip, each offering their own unique take on the Las Vegas Experience. The Bellagio, with an amazing series of water fountains in the front of the hotel that perform every fifteen minutes to a perfectly synchronized musical ballet. The Aladdin with a guaranteed rainfall INSIDE their Bazaar every half-hour! The Venetian, which offers full-size gondola rides around the interior of the resort by trained Italian gondoleers who will serenade you and your loved one. Treasure Island, with two full-size sailing ships that engage in battle every half hour as you watch; sending both pirates and loyal soldiers into the briny blue deep as explosions rock the air!

There are plenty of other resorts waiting for you in Las Vegas; these are only a few of the most popular ones that you’ll find when arranging a trip. But you can rest assured that no matter what you’re in the mood for; you can find it here – in Las Vegas!

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