Make Learning Creative and Fun With Montessori Education

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It is important to support the holistic development of a child from the very beginning. Children feel the pressure of competition at a very early stage in their life. To make sure they are not bogged down by this sense of pressure, it is critical to know the child’s interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes for particular subjects. Some children might like math while others will good at languages while other will be better at sports. No two children are the same. The child needs to supported and encouraged to pursue his/her interest.

School education is significant, but a child’s interest must not be ignored. Early education plays a vital role in understanding and bringing out a child’s interest. Montessori schools are devised in a way that children from the very beginning learn and recognize their interests. They are taught to communicate effectively. They can choose what they want to learn and the teaching staffs at these schools are qualified to support their development.

Children are introduced to different subjects at these schools. So it is easy for them to choose what they like. Knowing their interests and supporting them to further develop it along with other academic subject’s leads to the all-round development of the child. It is not difficult to find a good Montessori in Mumbai. It is a very popular format of early education.

Make Learning Creative and Fun With Montessori Education

Montessori schools are very different from regular playschools. They don’t have a typical school environment to start with. The atmosphere of the school is very welcoming and comfortable for kids with toys and games all around. It’s more of a fun place for kids. It’s more about practical learning. Children enjoy themselves at a Montessori set up as they have to go for few hours for 5 days in the week to play and learn.

There are many Montessori play schools in Mumbai as well as other cities in India. You can pick and choose the school you want to send your child to. Things to keep in mind before choosing a Montessori for your child are; the distance of the school from your home, teaching methods, how many kids are supervised by a single teacher, quality of food provided at the school, facilities of the school, play areas, safety and security of the children, qualification of the helping staff, hygiene maintained in the premises of the school, etc.

In the Montessori way of teaching, children can avoid the pressure of competition as there are no periodical tests and exams. It focuses more on behavioural development of the child making them confident and compassionate towards other children. Children emotional, social and practical skills at a Montessori rather than academic skills. This kind of learning makes the child more independent and adaptable. A Montessori educated child can fit in easily in any other system of education.

Montessori schools don’t curb the creativity of children and don’t impose the traditional learning methods on them. Children can learn the meaning of freedom and take responsibility for the choices they make from the very beginning. Montessori teaching is not about the end result or how the children have performed or how much they have scored. It is about the learning process. It is how much they have learned and grown in the process. It is a way of broadening a child’s mind and not letting competition affect them in a negative way.

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