Makes your Christmas more special with Friends

2 mins read

Undoubtedly, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but when it comes to regularly scheduled programs, It is kind of wasteland. There must be something special on this special occasion to get rid of dullness and boredom of daily routine. Isn’t it? There is probably no better way to fill the TV drought than to enjoy the special Christmas themed episodes of the most entertaining TV show, Friends. There has never been another sitcom as huge as Friends is. Favorite of millions of people, Friends featuring Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross and Rachel has been mesmerizing the world since 1994. Interesting thing is that it will remain in reruns forever. Moreover, there may never be a show like Friends again.

Over the ten season run of Friends, seven seasons celebrate Christmas to continue the holiday tradition. There is nothing Friends does better than fun-filled and tremendously entertaining Christmas episodes. Bombarded with silly jokes and hilarious moments, Friends comes up with the special holiday moments that set your mood for Christmas. From Chandler dressed up in Santa suit and Phoebe collecting money for poor on Christmas to crazy Monica letting the group help her decorate her tree and her exclamation that Joey and Chandler need to do their Christmas shopping, the Christmas themed episodes of Friends feel like a holiday tradition.

As Christmas has snuck up on you, get in the mood by watching all Christmas episodes of Friends. Every season has locked the holiday spirit for its viewers. Lie back, relax and grab the hot coffee with some snacks while you splurge on some of the best holiday episodes of Friends. All the episodes are as sugary as a cup of sweet tea that will stir your senses with laughter filled moments. Merry Christmas!