Making A Claim On Your Medical Insurance Coverage Is Easy If You Have The Documentation In Place

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Compensation Claims

Intimate the third party administrator (TPA) or insurance provider before BEFORE GETTING HOSPITALISED. In case of an urgent notify within 24 hours of entrance (London Heathrow airport contact number).

  • Retains all medications, costs and payment receipts of medicines and additional costs.
  • Make sure the costs and invoices have the correct names and schedules.
  • Take the release cards while making the medical center.
  • Keep the photocopies of all medication costs and the release cards.
  • Fill the claims form and submit along with original bills, discharge card and other
  • While posting the Claim form take a stamped receipt.

Documents Needed For Claim Medical Insurance For Overseas (London Heathrow Airport Contact Number)

  • Claim Form (To be signed by the Treating Doctor and you) and with the Claims Reference No.
  • Doctor’s medical report.
  • Original admission/discharge card.
  • Original bills, receipts and prescriptions.
  • Original X-ray, pathological and investigative reports.
  • Copy of passport, visa with entry and exit stamp.

Accident insurance should not be confused with health insurance for travel abroad. Medical insurance covers the cost of medical services provided to you abroad. An accident insurance guarantees compensation to the victim. Should never be absolutely certain that during holidays abroad is not going to happen any serious trouble. That is why the accident insurance really necessary. Accident insurance is valid in any country of the world.

How The Accident Insurance

For example, during the stay abroad tourist accidentally falls down the stairs and breaks his arm. If he has a normal health insurance and accident insurance, he will not only be put in plaster and given the necessary medical care at the expense of the insurance company, but also made ​​the corresponding cash payment upon his return to the UK. We can say that accident insurance solves the problem of income protection. After all, even a temporary disability can cause serious damage to your budget. Two accidents include:

  • Injuries (bruises, wounds, sprains or broken bones, burns, frostbite, electric shock, crushing) that occurred as a result of an accident.
  • Accidental acute poisoning poisonous plants, chemicals, drugs, poor quality of food.
  • Sudden suffocation, accidentally getting into the airway foreign body.
  • Tick-borne encephalitis.
  • Animal attack, intruders.

Comprehensive Insurance: Medical Services + Accident Insurance

Accident insurance is often included in a comprehensive insurance program. For example, in a comprehensive program of insurance coverage includes land transport of passengers and drivers from the accident. Often in complex coverage policy for going abroad is also included accident insurance. As a result, many tourists do not realize that along with the health insurance they bought accident insurance.

The Sums Insured And Premiums

The sum insured can be set independently insured by agreement with the insurer (London Heathrow airport contact number). The cost of insurance will depend on the age and gender of the insured. Multiplying factors are applied to the following reasons: sports (mountaineering, rock climbing, white water rafting, horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, jumping and flying with a parachute), hazardous activities. Accident insurance involves the payment of a sum of money, depending on the severity and nature of the accident case. The cost of insurance against accidents is small, and the practical benefits are enormous. For example, if the sum insured 1500 Pounds. Coated on a year such insurance will cost about 7 pounds. The amount payable depends on the case and is a percentage of the sum insured.

For example, the payment in the event of dislocation of the tibia is 20%. In the case of hip fracture – 25%, spinal fracture – 20-40%, a fracture of the lower and upper limbs – from 5 to 80% burn – from 2 to 100% depending on the severity, concussion – from 3 to 50%, etc. In a situation of surgery as a result of an accident to a major percentage of the payment is added an additional 10 to 30%. Be very careful in matters relating to the security of your life. If you enjoy outdoor activities and sports, and traveling abroad to go skiing, diving or surfing, take out insurance against accidents.