Modernising Your Home and Office Security In Melboune

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Technology today has brought society to a new level of living. Every morning when we leave our homes, we take a tiny portable device called a mobile phone, which has immense computing power. We have the ability to communicate instantaneous through multiple different mobile devices, almost everywhere in the civilised world, and most definitely in Melbourne. We have fridges that tell us the weather, computers that compute millions of calculations a second, but yet… Most of us do not have a home or office security system that is up-to-date with the technology we possess.

Modernising Your Home and Office Security In Melboune

If you do not have a security system in Melbourne, please start looking for one, for your own safety and security. This article can serve as a guide. If you already have one, then read on to see if your security system is modernised.

  1. The Method of Monitoring

Every security system communicates with its own central monitoring centre. This monitoring centre is what triggers the alarm when one of its sensors reports something suspicious. It may also responsible to activating and deactivating the security system. Your security system may communicate with the monitoring centre via three main ways – A landline, a broadband/internet connection, or a cellular connection.

A landline is the oldest method, utilising your phone line. It isn’t the best solution, because if burglars cut your phone line, the security system just became a lot more ineffective. A broadband or internet connection is much faster, typically at least three to five times faster than a landline connection. However, the internet, as advanced as it is, can sometimes suffer from lag, or a temporary shutdown of service. These occasions are however rather rare. The third option, a cellular connection, is the most reliable. It isn’t as fast as the broadband or internet connection, but it is the most reliable, because even if phone lines are cut, it can still send a signal.

  1. Automation

Is your security system automated? Does it give you control over your security, or is it really just an on/off system? Advanced security systems let you do everything from configure activation and deactivation times, adjust lighting, provide remote control of your doors and gates, and even let you do all this from a mobile device.

Automation is what takes your security system from basic to secure, and then from secure to luxurious. Yes, you don’t exactly need to be able to control the lights remotely, but having mobile access to your security system is definitely something you want as a basic. When you set the basics high, your home is that much more secure.

  1. Flexibility

You want a security system that thwarts would-be intruders, deterring them from even trying to enter our home, but you want a system that still allows you to gain access if you’ve lost your mobile phone and forgotten the security code. Some security systems allow you to gain access if you get locked out, by calling a pre-authorised emergency 24hr locksmith Melbourne people can trust in. This is not to say that anyone can gain access to your property by calling a 24-hour emergency locksmith. When you obtain the security system, you pre-authorise a 24-hour emergency locksmith near your home with the access rights to your security system, that can only be used in conjunction with some form of access given by you – For example a thumbprint or a signature. This ensures that if you are ever locked out and forget your deactivation passcode, you will always be able to gain entry to your home with the help of a partnering 24-hour emergency locksmith.

Technology is always advancing, and so are the techniques used by criminals. You should always ensure your home and workplace security systems are fully geared up, for your safety and security.