myKlovr sets the Standard for AI-Based College Counselling

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One of the things which keep students and parents awake at night is college acceptance. The shear mention of the subject is to blame for sleepless nights. The process of searching for the right colleges, filling out forms and paying applications fees, becomes meaningless should the student not be accepted to at least one of the colleges he/she applied for. And picking the right schools is more than just numbers.  With the average high-school counselor spending a whopping 38 minutes per student per year, it is no surprise, most kids are lost in the process, as are their parents. And then someone figured out how to effectively use Artificial Intelligence to level the playing field.

Enter myKlovr.

Gustavo G. Dolfino, an accomplished former investment banker, developed and in January of 2019, launched an AI-based solution under the commercial name “myKlovr.” The platform acts as a virtual college counselor based on AI, predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms. It works in sync to provide a student a road map, soup to nuts, of what needs to be done, in what order, on a personalized basis, to help the student get into the school of his or her dreams. And thanks to a contractual liability policy underwritten by Axa and issued to myKlovr, the company is able to provide a money back guarantee on the cost of their services, should the applicant not be admitted to one of the schools in their recommended tier.  The system assists the students and their parents preparing to apply to college, starting in 9th grade, up to and including college application time.  Amongst others, the service offers personalized college recommendations, and provides an entire suite of financial assistance tools to students and their parents. The platform even analyzes each student’s personal situation, and suggests institutions which are a match on both, academics, as well as emotional factors.

The data-driven recommendations made by the predictive algorithms, match and compare user data with millions of records obtained from a number of different sources. Parents have found great value in utilizing myKlovr, to help their children pick a career path. As far as kids are concerned, the system is easy, and most important, it is available 24hrs a day, every day.

myKlovr is the first of its kind virtual college counselor which utilizes artificial intelligence to make personalized recommendations. It has revolutionized the world of college counseling and has established the beginning of a shifting paradigm, one in which technology becomes the great equalizer. Human Resources departments nationwide, through their corporate benefits groups, utilize myKlovr to provide an after tax benefit to their employees, where the companies offer and pay for the benefit on behalf of the employee, any by extension their dependents. This serves two purposes – one, the company does well by their people and, two – it is used as a tool to attract and retain best in talent.

Happy employees make better employees.

The application currently works with an array of impressive partners, including, without limitation, Financial Fitness Group, College AI, and Axa, amongst others.

There is a lot more to learn about this platform. Do yourself a favor and head over to and learn how this digital solution can change your life.