NEW-OLD Technologies: Electric Vehicles Save the Planet

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You cannot surprise people with the electric cars. Planning your road trip, you can easily use it for long traveling. How is it? Are electric vehicles good for a trip? Still have doubts? So, there is a good new for everyone! Electric cars are rather good for your new adventure. If you didn’t buy it yet, you can use rentalcars24h helpful service to rent a good electric vehicle on your location. Have a try! Don’t be afraid of long distances! Electric vehicles become more convenient and long-living. Rental services include them in the list of their attractive offers and special rates to show drivers how much convenient and healthy they are!

F-TYPE S Manual

Why Drive EV?

  1. Clean air! It’s not a secret that electric vehicles are safe for the environment. Using electric cars for the trip you reduce air pollution and call others to do the same!
  2. No gas! Pay for driving electric vehicle but nor for a gas fueling. The prices to charge your car and fuel it with gas are different. Charging is lower.
  3. Funny driving! If you know nothing about the electric car driving, you have to make sire. It is really smooth and easy to drive. There is a unique technology to charge your battery when you slow the car.
  4. Peace of mind! Actually, peace of mind simply means that you are driving your car in a good mood. Why? It’s just no oils smell, transmission fluid, gas plugs. Just drive and enjoy driving!
  5. Get a great deal! Rental24 car rental app can prove you that renting electric vehicles in our days is rather profitable and not a problem at all. The most popular of them are hybrid vehicles from BMW, Ford, and Nissan. You can check it right now!

BMW i3 electric car

TIPS to Drive EV

So, you are going for a trip to somewhere on your electric car. There are few things you should know to feel comfortable on the go.

Use Mobile Apps

If you drive your electric car, you will need to charge it from time to time. Where? You should use your mobile app, especially for those countries, where electric car driving is not very popular. The problem is you don’t need gas to charge your car, but electric charging station. Just open the charge map on your app and clear the situation. You’ll be surprised to know that the Open Charge Map boasts more than 105,000 stations across more than 50,000 locations.

First Call than Do

Of course, Google maps and apps mean much for your trip. Nevertheless, information is changeable. Even if you found out that the station is reliable, you’d better to check it! Definitely, GPS location will help you to know the contact number or e-mail of the location you are going to. So, why don’t you call them, make sure and sleep well!

Level 3 Charging Station

Charging stations differ from one another. It is better to find DC fast stations, rated as level 3. It charges your car in 30 minutes. Level 1 is slower in service. Level 2 is little faster in charging time than Level 3. It’s not very funny to wait charging for 2-3 hours!

Formula to Charge Your Car

How can you know that you EV is almost empty and needs charging soon? There is simple formula! You should consider the number of hours you’ll need to charge from empty. Just divide the rating of your car’s battery pack by the lower of the charging station’s output rate or your vehicle’s acceptance rate.

Electric car charger

Don’t Test the Range of Your Car

Of course, it would be great to know the speed limits and charging time of your car, but never test it on the go. It may happen that forcing your car to the limits of its range you will not use its full battery and need to find the car station to charge it. Just find out this information from the company you are dealing with. They will inform you that Kia Soul EV has a range of 93 miles, Nissan Leaf is able to travel about 80 miles on a full battery.

80 Percent

As a rule, the last 20 percent of battery are charging very slowly. No need to wait if you are in a hurry! It is enough for your car to be charged for 80 percent only.

Drive Carefully

Of course, you should drive carefully all the time. There are nuances you should know. There are many gas stations which combine gas pumps and electric chargers altogether. The etiquette here is important. Never unplug someone else’s car to charge your own if someone is in front of you.

BMW i3 electric car

Driving UP and DOWN

Be careful, driving car up on the road. It can happen that the car needs more energy to get up to the mountains, hills. It is better to check it first and check the nearest charging station.

Electric cars are not the newest technologies. Nevertheless, some people think of using them as something super new and uncomfortable. They have a lot of advantages. The main of them: electric vehicles are healthy for environment. There are countries that against for using gas fuel cars even for taxi.