O Ring Vs X Ring and Patching Tires

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When it comes to maintaining your bike, you need to know how to keep your chain clean and lubed for best performance. You should also brush up on your knowledge of patching cruiser tires in case one of your motorcycle tires gets a flat when you’re nowhere near a tire shop.

The Difference Between O-Ring and X-Ring Chains
O-ring and X-ring chains are two common types of drive chains. O-ring chains get their name from their shape, which is circular. The shape is great for sealing but typically creates a lot of friction which can affect your motorcycle’s power. An X-ring chain has an X shape instead of the traditional O shape. It offers comparable durability and sealing capabilities as the O ring shape, but with less friction.

Regardless of the type of chain you have, you need to keep it in good condition if you want to get the best performance out of it. Regular cleaning and lubing is essential for good chain function. To begin, spray the chain with chain cleaner, then use a chain brush to remove the grime. Next, soak the chain in chain cleaner to get any remaining residue off. Use a dry, soft cloth to dry the chain and remove excess cleaner. Finally, apply a quality chain lube.

Patch a Tire
Cruiser tires are not invincible (unfortunately), and you’ll probably deal with a flat at some point. When this happens, you have a couple of choices: patch or plug. Here’s how to tell which action to take.
If you have street motorcycle tires with tubes, you’ll need a few tools, including tools to remove your wheels and some quality patches. You’ll also need to re-inflate your tire with an electric pump or a C02 inflator.  If you have tubeless tires, you’ll need specialized tools to do the job (string plugs, reaming tool, string insertion tool).

Maintaining chains and patching cruiser tires are two basic skills every rider should have. Armed with this basic knowledge, you’ll be better prepared for whatever happens during your ride.

Get Started With New Tires
A new set of racing or street motorcycle tires can bring new life to your bike. You may be surprised how significantly tires can impact your riding experience. Alternatively, try some new accessories or aftermarket mods. The opportunities for customization are endless. Get started wrenching on your bike today.

When Is It Time for New Tires?
Although the 6-year recommendation can help you decide when to replace your tires, it’s important to inspect them regularly and replace them if they show signs of excessive wear. Even the best motorcycle cruiser tires need to be replaced if the tread wear indicators are showing or if there are tears or deep indentations in the rubber.

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