Packing Guide: How to Pack for Fitness Vacation

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There are many interesting sports around the world. Speaking about the USA, you can find a lot of them across the country. There are many cities that can boast their rich sport history. Also, it can be very entertaining for tourists to try something new in sport. What destination do you prefer? You can use car rental Ames in Iowa, Denver in Colorado or whenever you go. You can find a lot of sportive spots in different cities. You can join large crowds of people to watch their favorite sports. If you want you can try to dive into sport on your own.

How about taking a kind of fitness vacation? Of course, there are different sorts of fitness tourism, including yoga and surfing. Also, you can try yourself in cycling, hiking. There are many interesting solutions where you can try sports. So, it’s time for packing. Of course, there is no a special packing list for fitness tourists. But you can read a couple of advices for not to miss even a small detail.




  1. Valise cubes

A good vacation starts with a good packing. If you are an active traveler you usually take a lot of equipment. All you need is a light valise or backpack that is also big enough to pack everything you need. This fact is especially important when you need to pack your tracking boots or alpinism gear. Also, if you have a big valise it can be difficult to keep all your stuff organized. That’s why it is recommended to take special valise cubes.

  1. Backpack

There is nothing better than a plain and light backpack for your fitness vacation. So, when you go cycling for the whole day or even longer you probably need to take some food, water, change clothes, sport gear. That’s not a good idea to carry all these things in your hands or pocket. Valise is not comfortable to carry on the bike. You need a backpack! When your backpack is empty, you can roll it over your back.


  1. Water

A bottle of water is needed when you do fitness. But how can you carry those heavy bottles of water? This is a kind of bulky baggage that usually takes much space in your backpack. There is a simple solution. You can buy Hydaway water bottle that can change its size depending on the content. The bottles are made of flexible nylon and polyethylene. When your bottle is empty you can roll it up and put in your backpack. It doesn’t take any space. If you are going for a long and tiring hiking tour, you will need much water! You can take a special hydration bag.

  1. Sport Shoes

It often happens that you need to go cycling, running or tracking, or even skiing. This is a situation when you need to use special shoes to feel comfortable while traveling. It is important to use right shoes for different situations. Nevertheless, try to buy comfortable sport shoes for your tracking. Look here! Salewa Multi Track shoes are good for different multisportive functions such as running, hiking, cycling. What is your favorite brand?

Georgy & Masha shoes


  1. Clothes

Just pick one or two colors for your wardrobe. As a rule, tourists prefer wearing clothes of black, blue, and grey colors. This helps you to mix and combine different styles and color combinations. Try to take multipurpose clothes. That’s like you can easily wear your sportive bra for an evening dress. What do you need to pack? Try to pack T-shirts, leggings, shorts that you can easily wear for training, walking, or even for pajama. Think about the color.

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  1. Accessories

Your trip will never be pleasant and enjoyable if you wouldn’t take such useful accessories as

  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sun protective cream
  • Raincoat
  • Go Pro camera
  • Earphones

All these things are needed whenever you go. Earphones will help you to listen to your favorite music when you have a long way to go. Raincoat is needed in any weather. Speaking about skin cosmetics, you definitely need to buy a bottle of sun protective cream when you are going to the beach and frost resistant cream to protect your face and hands when skiing. Just find some space in your luggage. These things don’t take much space.

Packing for a fitness vacation, it is important to remember that you will always be active. You will walk a lot, spend the most of the time outdoors, swim, and run. Fitness vacation is a good opportunity to work on your body and try something new and interesting what you always wanted to try. Just think about your vacation beforehand. Try to point all spots you want to stop, a hotel to live, and cafes to have dinner. Stay active and remember your fitness vacation will always be successful only of you have right stuff on your back.