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L.A. Scope is a web-series catering to a unique audience. Created and produced by TALHM Entertainment, L.A. Scope is a twenty minute show airing in rideshare vehicles. The content updates rideshare customers of the latest in concerts, theatre, festivals, comedy shows, restaurant openings in the Los Angeles area.

L.A. Scope is hosted by Paloma Fevi, a professional actress and dancer known for leading performances in the Netflix series, ‘Drug Lords’ and the feature film ‘Cuchillos en el Cielo’.

A native of Peru, Paloma is a graduate of the New York Film Academy Acting for Film program, earning an Associates Degree of Fine Arts. Paloma Fevi was a member of the D1 Dance Company. She is trained in the styles of belly dance, hiphop, street jazz, jazz, contemporary dance, salsa, samba, pole dance, freestyle and ballet. Paloma’s performances have been acclaimed in Peru’s most renowned theatres: Teatro Municipal de Lima, and El Gran Teatro Nacional.

Paloma was also part of, ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’, airing on Telemundo and American television with three million daily viewers. She also starred in the lead role in several parody shows alongside the internationally known artist Franda – earning thirteen million views on YouTube. In 2018, Paloma is known for her leading role in ‘Free To Be True’, and the lead actor in the 2019 feature, ‘Dreaming Out Loud’. Paloma is featured in an international commercial for ROC 360 Headphones by Cristiano Ronaldo.

As the host of L.A. Scope, Paloma Fevi is the face of TALHM Entertainment’s innovative approach to improving the way rideshare customers experience their travel. Look for Paloma Fevi coming soon to an Uber and Lyft near you.

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