Penguin 2013: The Basics Of Real SEO For Better Search Performance

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The advent of the Penguin 2.0 update has unleashed a reign of terror amongst many small businesses. This is because these small business entrepreneurs are completely dependent on search engine optimization (SEO) for revenue and therefore, for their survival.

 Penguin 2013: The Basics Of Real SEO For Better Search Performance

However, if a business owner abides by the rule of real SEO, then he/she may survive more such updates that are slated to come in 2014, 2015 and beyond.

Basics Nuances of Real SEO

If you are confused and jittery about the effects of the Penguin 2.0 update, then here are some prudent ideas to help with your web-marketing efforts and shine with a better search performance:

  • Content Marketing

According to some of the Internet marketing experts, content marketing is gradually turning out to be a novel way to build links. So, webmaster must work on to gain more online popularity, spread their social reach and get backlinks in exchange of highly useful information that must be given out for free.

Websites with top notch content get a lot of organic traffic naturally that helps in re-directing their visitors to other useful websites through referrals. In this case, one of the most under-utilized forms of content marketing is video optimization. Small businesses need to take advantage of that right now. This will help Internet users to find out relevant content from various search engines as well as any other meta search engine.

  • Niche Audience

Only useful websites can ever think of making it to the top of the search engine results page. However, it is the job of the webmasters to find out the demand of their consumers and serve them accordingly. Here, at this point of time, keyword research is still a crucial part of any successful, effective online promotional campaign. It must be noted that while studying for keywords, webmaster shouldn’t place excessive importance on commercial keywords or head terms.

Now, after the entire recent algorithm updates, it has been found that long-tail keywords are proving to be much more effective than commercial ones. This is because long-tail keywords provide instant results and improves the relevancy of the website (referring to Panda update) and creates better authorship value, thereby boosting the performance of the chosen head term.

  • Association

When there are more than 500 million active domains doing the rounds on the Internet, then just creating an attractive website and hoping to receive loads of organic traffic will be a big waste of time as well as resources. Right now, even best contents require wider promotion and this can be done via social media platforms, guest posts, email marketing, online community engagement, etc.

These are some of the proven mechanisms of content marketing and must be used very seriously. Additionally, local event sponsorships, interviews, PPC advertisements and so on too will help in to popularize the content of a website and increase traffic.

So, any kind of activity that highlights or promotes the theme of a website or brand will definitely work towards building actual online discussion and assist in employing the real SEO.